2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system
2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system

Indian adds touchscreen feature

Indian Motorcycle has announced a new touchscreen infotainment system for its Chieftain and Roadmaster and some new colours including two-tone available for the first time on the Scout.

There are no other changes to the 2017 models except the Scout and Scout Sixty get new exhaust pipes with improved leg clearance.

Our two main criticisms of the Scout have also been improved – the wide steering radius and the rear shocks. The two-tone paint is not included on the Scout Sixty.

Indian Scout - touschscreen
2017 Indian Scout in two-tone paint

There is no word yet from Indian Motorcycle Australia on which colours we will get, when he models will arrive and whether the Chieftain and Roadmaster will have the new Ride Command system as standard or an option.

While Indian joins Harley in offering a sophisticated touchscreen system, Indian claims their Ride Command system has the largest and brightest touchscreen display, highest resolution and fastest response time.

The 18cm (7”) display is integrated into the dash and has 800×480 pixels resolution.

Riders will be able to use the screen with normal gloves and it will feature two-finger functions as used on most smartphones such as pinch to zoom. There are also handlebar audio controls.2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system

They claim it has the fastest boot time, being ready in about 10 seconds.

It features 100 watts of audio output on the Chieftain and a whopping 200 watts on the Roadmaster.

Other features are Bluetooth, AM/FM and weather band (US), USB flash drive support with USB song shuffle, phonebook download, incoming call notification with name display, voice-activated calling, incoming text notification and more.

The GPS navigation system has turn-by-turn directions, points of interest, nearest fuel stations, etc.2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system

Critical information is always displayed such as clock, air temperature, compass heading, fuel level and fuel range.

The software and maps are also easy to update.

The 2017 lineup will be on display and available for demo rides at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from August 6-12.

2017 Indian Motorcycle two-tone line-up
2017 Indian Motorcycle two-tone line-up

Polaris Industries which owns Indian and Victory motorcycle brands recently announced bike sales had increased 23% in the last quarter, which was half the growth rate from the same time last year.

  1. I know on the harleys there is a veritable rats nest of
    coloured wires and electronics in the skin of the
    fairing just for the radio, maybe i’m a bit old school
    but all i can see is more things to go wrong, and why
    exactly are you riding in the first place, I mean touch screen?
    the more i see riders swaddled in protective gear and full
    face helmets with intercoms and home entertainment
    systems the more i wonder why they don’t just buy a
    car and be done with it,

    1. When you. Have driven a mini moke or a sporty little convertible like an mx5 or a Sprite you do wonder what is so great about a motorcycle? When it rains you only have to put the top up you have a radio and a heater and you don’t have to wear a helmet but then your sitting in a traffic jam and you watch a stream of bikes glide by and you feel envious of them all except for the guy on the canam Spyder stuck behind you in leathers etc dying of heat stroke because he can’t filter.

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