Ducati ST4S

‘Idiots’ jump Ducati ST4S into dam

Does this video of “idiots” jumping a beautiful Ducati ST4S int a dam just make you laugh or cry over the destruction of a beautiful bike?

The YouTube video, posted by video blogger (vlogger) Roman Atwood has already attracted 1.6million views in just a couple of days.

The American does some other crazy videos and has a following of more than 13 million subscribers.

In this video, he gets a friend, “Country”, who has never ridden a bike before to jump the Ducati into their farm dam.

The 15-minute, 55-second video starts with domestic washing duties and carries on with a lot of superfluous nonsense for five minutes before the funniest part.

That’s were “Country” attempts to ride the bike, stalling it multiple times before gingerly riding around the paddock.Ducati ST4S

We can’t be too tough on him … after all, it is a Ducati clutch!

You can then skip ahead to the 10-minute mark where he does the jump.

It’s not very spectacular and many Ducatisti will simply cry at the wrecking of this beautiful bike.

Then skip ahead to the 12-minute mark to see the bike dragged out of the dam.Ducati ST4S

Surprisingly for an Italian bike, the electronics are still working with the flooded headlights still on!

What a waste of a motorcycle.

Ok, we called them “idiots”, but who are the real idiots here? Us for watching or them for making the video?

They will probably make a mint out of the video!

Let’s just hope they use the proceeds to restore the ST4S.

Ducati ST4S sports tourer

For those who care, the Ducati ST4S sports tourer is powered by a 996cc L-twin engine with Ohlins rear shock and Showa forks.

It was made from 1997 to 2007 and last cost about $22500 in Australia.

You can now pick up a second-hand model for under $10,000. This particular bike might be a lot cheaper!

You could buy one, jump it into a lake, make a lot of money and then restore it.


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