How to fix Bluetooth headset problems

Interphone F5XT Bluetooth for motorcycle helmets - Fatigue - road rules

Many motorcycle riders love their helmet headsets, GPS, smartphone (or smartwatch!) and helmet camera, but find they are often plagued by Bluetooth problems.

Let’s face it, Bluetooth can be a blessing with music in your helmet, intercom connection to a pillion or riding partner/s, helmet cameras and spoken GPS directions.

However, it can also be a massive pain in the neck when it drops out or refuses to identify a pairing partner.

The answer to fixing the problem could be as simple as switching off the device and turning it on again.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, but it forms a good basis for troubleshooting Bluetooth problems.

First, make sure that you are attempting to pair with a device that is compatible. Check the Bluetooth version of your devices.

If they are not compatible, you may simply need to update the software on each. Apple and Microsoft have frequent updates that include Bluetooth software. However, that may still not work with old devices and you may need to get a new phone or Bluetooth device.Interphone F5XT Bluetooth 1

Your headset, camera or GPS must also be regularly plugged into a computer for firmware upgrades to the latest Bluetooth version as well as bug fixes.

Even if you’ve paired these devices before, after you have upgraded to the latest software, you must pair again.

But first, go to your smartphone and turn the Bluetooth off, then on again and find the device you are trying to pair to and disconnect it.

Then turn off both devices, turn them on again and pair them again.

Make sure the devices are close to each other and try to isolate them from other Bluetooth-enabled devices so they don’t get confused and try to pair with something else.

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth kit for iPhone

Even if you have the latest software, have turned on Bluetooth and they are compatible devices that are close to each other, Bluetooth problems can still happen.

The best answer here when you’re out on the road is simply to turn it all off and turn it all back on again and then pair the devices again.

Check the back of the unit for a small pin-sized hole. If there is one, shove a pin in it as that is a manual reset and it often solves problems.

I met two Aussie riders in the middle of the desert near Monument Valley, Utah, who were having troubles with their Sena units. They noticed I had a Sena on my helmet and asked if I had experienced any troubles.

I suggested they switch it all off and on again, then re-pair the devices. It worked!

One last tip: if you are having trouble getting your device to connect, make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.

That might seem obvious but it is surprising how many times I’ve almost thrown my phone down in disgust only to find that I had Bluetooth switched off!

And if you want to know which of the many models I have tested that is the most reliable; it’s the Sena SMH10.Bluetooth


  1. My navigator iv switches my cardo q1 off when they try to connect, they pair ok it’s the connection that’s the problem. The q1 just switches off every time

  2. Hello folks,
    I have an Interphone F3MC which had been working well but now is infuriating me immensely.
    It no longer plays music from my Garmin Navigator V. The Garmin shows that the music is being played as the progress bar moves and the timer counts down. All Garmin commands e.g. route directions, are still heard but no music is. If I connect a bluetooth speaker to the Garmin the music is heard but not through the headset. I keep the Garmin updated and also the Interphone.
    I’ve contacted Interphone who’s direction was to disconnect and reconnect. No difference. If the failure to play music is due to software updates the whole thing will go in the bin and I’ll buy a different make.
    Thanks for any assistance,
    Clive E.

  3. sena Calvary helmet with built-in blue tooth not holding a charge and or not turning on.?

    Had it charging over night till the blue lite indicator came on…did the + and – button for 1 second ..
    no indication of turning on and not connecting…??

  4. Hi there,
    My I Phone 6 recently showing storage full. When I went to connect my Sena Bluetooth on my helmet, it no longer showed my device listed. I have tried restarting my phone & my Bluetooth. The Bluetooth device is fully charged and has a green light when I turn it on. Please help.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      There is a new iOS update for the iPhone. Try that.
      Also, find the little hole on your Sena unit and stick a pin in it until you feel it click.
      That is a manual reset.
      Then you will need to download all the software updates and re-pair your unit.
      Tell me how that goes.

  5. I am having trouble pairing my V8 intercom headset with my partners. Despite turning off and on numerous times I still this to work. No idea what I’m doing wrong as I’ve paired it many times previously and had no trouble. What am I missing?

    1. Hi Trish,
      What model is it?
      Have you tried the manual factory reset?
      Look for a small pin-prick hole and push a pin in until you feel it engage.
      Then download all the software updates and try again.
      Tell me how you go.

  6. I absolutely hate our 20s Evo bluetooth helmet headsets. We get them set to go and as soon as we start riding they go out. We have tried to sinc them multiple times. We get them to work and as soon as we start to ride again, we hear crackling and popping and we can’t communicate again. We can’t enjoy the ride for having to deal with that. Any suggestions. They cost too much to be having these issues.

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Have a look on the back of the unit and you will see a little hole big enough for a pin.
      Stick a pin in it and that will do a factory reset.
      Then link it to your computer and download all the updates.
      Then re-pair the units and try again.
      If that fails, click here and contact Earmold who import them.
      PS: I have NEVER had any troubles with them, but I do see a lot of complaints on internet forums. I still think they are the best … and I’ve tried them all!

  7. Hi guys, my blinc bluetooth does not pair with other helmet, also now the red light do not come on.
    I tries reset, turn it on and off, taking off the batery and still doesn´t work. some one could help me.
    regards in advance

  8. My sena smh10 connects to my Samsung galaxy 8 but when I go to listen through the sena it doesn’t work it plays through my phone speaker. Maybe it’s a setting on the phone that I need to look at?

  9. We have two Hawk Bluetooth headsets. We have had them for 6 months and never had a problem with them. We were out travelling and they stopped connecting. Both of them will pair to our phones separately, but not to each other. We have tried turning everything off and reconncecting it, but still no luck. Any advise?

    1. Hi carrie,
      Not familiar with that brand,
      Have you tried contacting the manufacturer or distributor?
      Otherwise, look for a small hole on the back. This is usually a manual reset button. Stick a pin or small wire inside and it will reset the devices. Then go back to the computer and download the latest software and try pairing again.
      Good luck and tell me how you go.

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