Chain Monkey motorcycle chain tensioner

How to adjust a motorcycle chain properly

Tensioning a motorcycle chain is usually done by hand without any real way of knowing it has been set correctly.

It may also need re-adjusting several times until the tension of the chain ‘feels right’ by lifting the chain with your finger and guessing the right tension.

Now UK motorcycle tool manufacturer Tru-Tension has produced the simple Chain Monkey tool which promises to end this outdated practice.Chain Monkey motorcycle chain tensioner

Chain Monkey removes the guesswork, allowing the user to set the chain first time, every time, to the exact tension your particular motorcycle requires.

Having your chain at the right tension prolongs chain and sprocket life, improves acceleration and avoids jerky chain lash.

Chris Frappell, designer of Chain Monkey and owner of Tru-Tension, is a young engineer who likes to design time-saving tools and modernise outdated methods.

Chain Monkey is available online for $54.99.

Chain Monkey motorcycle chain tensioner


  1. $72.50 for this product – Boy, bargain of a lifetime. Just get a ruler or tape measure and measure the chain slack mid point along the swingarm and make sure it is within the tolerance specified by the manufacturer, after all, it is usually printed on the swingarm anyway.
    That $72.50 would then buy you a few beers!

  2. I commented about this on their Instagram about the YouTube video. I always thought you were meant to tension your chain at the tightest spot, and measure it at multiple locations?

  3. I put a chain tensioner on my old harley best thing I ever did [apart from the electronic ignition]
    Thinking of a scottoiler next

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