Hotels open for discount motorcycle parking

Hotels open for discount motorcycle parking

A major hotel group has opened up its parking areas to cater for the increasing demand for car and motorcycle parking in Australia CBDs.

TFE Hotels which owns Adina, Travelodge, and Vibe properties around Australia, has been added to the Divvy Parking website and app that lists available car and motorcycle parking spaces.

The company says their app will “break down the overpriced duopoly of parking giants Wilson and Secure Parking”.

Through the Divvy online platform, riders can filter their search to only show spaces fit for motorcycle parking, a spokesman says. 

Hotels open for discount motorcycle parking
Motorcycle spaces listed in Sydney

“There are different prices for parking a car and a motorcycle, and commuters have the option to choose between a monthly or a daily space,” he says.

“The beauty about getting a daily space is that you can come and go freely from that space throughout the parking period — you don’t get locked out once you leave.” 

Divvy’s partnership with TFE Hotels and the NRMA list locations suitable for motorcycle parking in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

If only more hotels would open up their parking areas to motorcycles!

Vietnam undercover motorcycle parking
Vietnam undercover motorcycle parking

The only problem is it might lead to more of this type of behaviour …

Hotels open for discount motorcycle parking

Divvy founder and CEO Nick Austin says it is a “major shake up of our concept of parking infrastructure around key economic, workplace and transport hubs”.

Riders can book and pay on the Divvy app.

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