Honda XR650L
2015 Honda XR650L

Honda XR650L perfect for Australia

Honda Australia stopped importing the XR650L in 2008 despite the dual-sport bike being perfect for our conditions.

It’s a lost opportunity for Honda as the Kawasaki KLR650 has dominated the adventure touring market ever since. However, Honda Australia says they have no plans to import the bike.

The XR650L is a versatile dual-sport machine that is as comfortable commuting as it is ploughing across the Simpson Desert. It is powered by an ever-reliable air-cooled 649cc engine, has plush long-travel suspension and, thanks to an engine counterbalanced, it runs smoothly on the highway.

I owned one and it was capable of smooth running even at its top speed of 160km/h, yet it was light enough to tackle single trails and powerful enough to pull through sand, even with luggage on board.

The XR650L also has great fuel economy, yet I replaced the small 11-litre on mine with a larger Safari tank to give it suitable range for outback touring. The only problem is the very tall 940mm seat height.

The bike was introduced in 1992 and has been built virtually unchanged ever since. The engine comes from the NX650 Dominator and it has the lighter XR600R chassis so it weighs only 158kg. It is basically an electric-start version of the lighter and racier XR650R which has won many Baja 1000 races.

It is a shame the XR650L, or Dominator or the Africa Twin are no longer available. They would be great Aussie bikes.

  1. Going on how many 400r,+ 650r bikes are in this country,id say theres a great market for them ive been forced to change cos of the lack of honda parts avaible here , honda was number 1 in my books and id love a new xr either 400 or 650 ….

  2. Crazy there are literally thousands of people and reckon right up to the age of 60 + that would love to own this machine in OZ and NZ I owned a New XL500s in 1980 and a new 1982 XR 500r Prolink it sux that they can’t make provisions for all of us what a missed opportunity for Honda.

  3. Agreed, the Aussie market would love a bike like this. Unfortunately the yank market is up with the supply of the XR650L. Couple that with Australia being such a small market in comparison and there is little financial benefit for Honda to bring the bike in.

    It is shit but it is the way it is.

  4. And I wonder what’s happened re that 500X/CRF ‘Cross Challenge’ Honda Thailand made and trialled in Laos and Thailand.
    Seems just about right to me. So where is it Honda?

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