Honda CB-F concept

Honda virtually unveils CB-F concept

The pandemic has forced the cancellation of the 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, so motorcycle manufacturers have chosen to virtually launch their new products, including the Honda CB-F concept.

This “modern retro” is a tribute to the CB900F of the 1970s-80s.

1982 Honda CB900F
1982 Honda CB900F

But don’t get your hopes too high that it will come to Australia.

The 20-13 CB1100 was also a great retro tribute bike, but Honda abandoned it, even after it was substantially updated with a sixth gear and ABS just a year later.

Honda CB110 Concept Type II retro cafe racer
CB110 Concept Type II

Instead, we have the very uninspiring CB1000R sport. That bike is still shown on its website, but we think it’s been quietly discontinued as there are no 2019 models available for sale that we can find. Just as well!

Honda CB1000R naked bikes
Honda CB1000R

Honda CB-F

The CB-F is powered by a water-cooled, inline 998cc four-cylinder engine with a six-speed box, the same drivetrain as the CB1000R, so maybe this is the replacement bike.

Although the CB-F is just a concept at the moment, Honda tends make production bikes very close to their concept moneys.

That’s good news, because we like the CB-F with its retro boxy shapes, single round headlight and silver/blue colouring.

Obviously, the missing indicators and mirrors will be added.Honda CB-F

And maybe that elegantly small and simple exhaust pipe will be modified for emissions regulations.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up as hideous as the pipe on the CB1000R!

The chassis is made of lightweight high-tensile steel with an aluminium single-sided swingarm and upside-down forks, so it should be a lithe little handler.

Honda describes the CB-F as an “ambitious fusion of cutting edge technology with a design paying homage to the CB900F”.

Let’s hope Honda Australia does bring this one in!

  1. I for one hope Honda build this and release it in Australia on the proviso they do it all the way: accessible seat height options; cornering ABS; riding modes; traction control; gear position indicator; tacho etc. Do it right or don’t bother. No half measures. Retro shouldn’t have to mean half baked compromise. C’mon Honda, take up the challenge and do it right!

  2. Perhaps to firm orders with $1000 deposit @ around $15 k & it’s on!
    if the price is higher then Must include a center stand
    an affordable retro liter bike – if not, take heart there is the MT Series.
    (she got the look)

  3. She goes (na na na na na na)
    She’s got the look
    She’s got the look (She’s got the look) She’s got the look (She’s got the look)
    What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
    When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you
    And I go la la la la la she’s got the look


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