Honda NM4-01
Honda NM4-01

Honda reveals concept bikes

Honda continues to push the boundaries of modern design with two concept NM4 motorcycles unveiled at the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show today.

Honda NM4-02
Honda NM4-02

The bikes look like yet another crossover attempt between cruiser, scooter and tourer with the addition of a massive lounge chair backrest on the low 650mm seat.

Up front is a Batman-style fairing with LED headlights, indicators and taillight. The NM4-01 is a naked bike with the massive 200mm rear tyre exposed, while the NM4-02 features integrated panniers like the Deauville.

It is powered by the now-ubiquitous 745cc parallel twin with dual clutch transmission.

Honda claims the concept is planned for production.

What do you think of the design? Has Honda gone too far, or is this the future of motorcycling?

  1. The backrest is actually pillion seat folded up, and I think that’s brilliant. Especially on feet-forward bikes backrest makes a big difference in comfort on longer trips, then it can be folded down in the city for a cleaner look. It’s a good idea! I don’t mind the rest of the bike either – it seems similar to Dn-01 but more practical. And I have to confess I like DCT…

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