Honda telescopic side stand

Honda patents telescopic side stand

Honda’s blitz on motorcycle patent applications continues with the latest a telescopic side stand.

Instead of a solid, sprung stand you flick out to prop up the motorcycle, this stand is like a telescopic camera tripod.

We can understand the need to make side stands more secure from flicking back and allowing the bike to fall.

Harley-Davidson resolved this years ago with a locking side stand.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle
Clever locking Harley side stand

Telescopic stand

Honda’s telescopic sand plan is revolutionary, but we’re not sure it is any more secure than current solid, sprung stands.

It also seems complex to deploy as you have push it down and rotate it backwards.

To retract the stand the rider has to push the base forwards, releasing a peg from a slot so a spring retracts the tubes.

We have complained in the past about flimsy side stands and the lack of centre stands on modern motorcycles.

This hardly seems to address either issue.

Honda patents

This is one of a blitz of patent applications by Honda over the past couple of years.

Some are quite weird and impractical, but others may actually make it to market.

We suspect Honda is just trying to dominate intellectual property on motorcycle inventions, rather than planning to put them all into production.

The patents include:

Forks Goldwing patent
Goldwing forks patent
  1. Maybe the telescopic sidestand has merrit, but its application as a pillion foot peg with telescopic ability to accommodate different leg lengths would certainly help prevent doubled over knee contortions on some bikes.

  2. Ok, I can see some sort of use for this telescopic sidestand.
    The undersides of modern bikes are tending to be filled with catalytic converter gubbins so centrestands are a dying breed.
    A telescopic sidestand could in theory have a fully extended position and a part extended position. If you fit such a stand to both sides of the bike you can sidestand the bike on either side. Part extended would function as a normal sidestand. Fully extended on both sides would function as a defacto centrestand, so that things like this:
    are less necessary.

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