Honda offers more motorcycle discounts

Honda has been one of the most aggressive in discount offers this year in an effort to return to the top of the road bike sales after Harley-Davidson topped the list last year and so far this year.

In the latest round of discount offers, Honda is running an “On Tour” sale until the end of the year on their touring range.

You’d have to be cranky if you just bought one at full price!

During the sale you could pick up a VFR800F or all-road VFR800X for $14,999 ride away.

That’s less than the retail prices of $15,150 and $15.009, plus on-road costs.

Honda Dollars offers

Honda also offers $1200 off the VFR1200F and VFR1200X Crosstourer in Honda Dollars. That means you can spend that $1200 on Honda accessories or riding gear in the store where you buy the bike. They retail for $17,799 and $18,299 plus on-road costs.

There’s $1500 in Honda Dollars on offer for the luxury CTX1300 which retails for $19,499. It comes with a twin-speaker stereo system, Bluetooth connectivity, an LCD digital display and five-stage heated grips.

Those after a chopper style machine will get the $1300 Honda Dollar savings on the VT1300CX Fury which costs 15,999 (+ORC).

To find your nearest Honda Dealer, ring 1 300 1 HONDA or click here.

  1. The ctx1300 is an awesome bike. If I could have 2 big bikes in the garage, I’d have kept mine. Smooth, reliable and easy to ride. Handles better than it should. Did Melbourne to Brisbane in 18 hours on my old one, just stopping for fuel 360km minimum before light came on – touring, 280km around town) and food stops. Bags only fit a Bell 500 3/4, large size, helmet in the right bag though. To its credit, both bags packed and a duffelbag lashed to the rear seat took 3 months worth of luggage. And that fairing, with the short screen was welcome in the torrential down pour I got caught in going all the way from brisbane to Sydney. This machine is good. 3 discs, ABS, traction control, heated grips (warm st1300 engine :)), shaft drive, stereo (can link phone to bike to helmet, then use dash to change songs and volume, no more fiddling under jackets at stops). Auto mute at walking / filter speeds. Runs radial, tubeless tires, which makes roadside puncture repairs easy, especially with the standard centre stand. LED lighting is super effective. Flexi-fuel friendly, so 91 to 98, never have the trouble of not having your bikes specific favourite fuel at a stop in the middle of nowhere. 10,000km service intervals. A seriously under rated motorcycle. Try one if you’re after a goldwing-lite that can do the day to day, and an interstate run at a moments notice. All it needs is a factory standard cruise control and it would be perfect. A true car-replacement. Even looks good with the bags off!

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