Honda CB1100 updated but not for Australia

I hate to tease, but the Honda CB1100 now comes with ABS and a sixth gear … but Aussies won’t be getting the retro-flavoured bike.

Honda Motorcycles Australia discontinued the model last year over poor sales and “at this stage” there is not a plan to re-introduce it here, according to company. It’s a shame, but maybe if people make a noise about it, they could change their minds. Meanwhile, we will have to content ourselves with buying old CB750s.Honda CB1100

The 2014 CB1100 not only comes standard with a six-speed transmission but also updated instruments with an economy readout, trip computer and gear-position indicator. It’s retro with a nice touch of modern. Meanwhile, there is also a Deluxe model which adds ABS, a 2-litre larger fuel tank, four-into-two exhausts, a retro stitched seat and restyled side covers. The CB1100 bike has just been released in the USA, while Europe will get the updated version.

I rode the CB1100 a few years ago and loved it, except for the missing sixth gear which would have given it better fuel economy, which would also have given it better touring range. Now it gets both a sixth gear and a bigger fuel tank so you could easily take it interstate for a few days and reel in the years. I think it could still do with wire wheels, though.


  1. I recently bought a 1972 K2 CB750 for old times sake . What a great bike and what a shame Honda wont bring their new retro bike to Australia. There is def a market here for these bikes. I would buy one in a heartbeat!

  2. I have CB 1100 in Black Colour and love it. It is a shame we don’t get this new executive CB 1100 in Australia, as like many I had plans to upgrade to the Deluxe as it has 4×2 Silencer Pipes, six speed, and looks so much nicer. I tried to import one from USA but one agency i contacted said they will not. Is it possible to Import this Bike from Europe or USA as a private buyer? Desperately, I have found address of Honda Motor Co. Japan and I have written a letter asking how to buy one for Australia.

  3. CB 1100 2014 DELUXE IS NOT COMMING TO AUSTRALIA WHAT A JOKE ! why not have a limited pre order for us . I WOULD BY ONE ……

  4. I just hope there is enough interest to bring the updated model to Australia.
    I gotta have one, and go cruising with old mates like we did on new K model 750’s in the seventies.
    I ‘m chuffed with the ABS, Six speed, twin dash arrangement.
    Wire wheels and 4 into 4 would complete the package ,

    1. Cleaning wire wheels is a nightmare, but if you find the right brush (or combination of small and bigger brushes), it’s a lot easier and there is nothing as nice as a gleaming set of laced wheels!

  5. This is one bike that could get me thinking about trading the trusty Bandit, since the early 70’s the Japanese makers have known how to build decent big capacity air cooled four cylinder bikes that also happen to look good!

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