Honda CB650
Honda CB650

Honda CB650 bikes not for learners

Honda Australia has confirmed we will get the new CB650 motorcycles that debuted at the recent Milan Motorcycle Show.

However, the CF650 naked and CB650F faired sportster will not be restricted to fit into the popular learner-approved motorcycles scheme (LAMS), says Honda Australia.

Honda isn’t mentioning power or weight figures, but they must be over the 150kW-per-tonne cutoff for LAMS.

It’s a shame because LAMS bikes are very popular at the moment and these come with ABS and 320mm twin wavy discs for added safety.

They will arrive in the second quarter of 2014, but no prices yet.

The CB650s are powered by a brand-new DOHC, 649cc four-cylinder engine tuned for high torque in the low-to-mid rev range and quick acceleration of the start.

Aimed at the youth market they come with fresh and racy paintwork.

Despite the sportsbike appearance of the CB650F, it should be easy to ride with its slim chassis and high-set handlebars for a relaxed riding stance.

The street-fighter CB650F comes in HRC-inspired tricolour and Tahitian blue while the CBR650F will be available in pearl metallic white and silver metallic colour schemes.

  1. Most ‘commuters’ who are actual motorcyclists (not your w/end casual types) will only be lams for up to 18 months – 2 years at the most anyway (in vic), and most were I’m from will then go on too commute on full power 650’s, 600’s, or old 1k’s. It’s a given the Lams market is a cash cow but you risk alienating the rest of the market. These bikes are in my opinion about 3 years too late for Honda. Though I do wish they pushed more ponies, given how much they weigh. Also makes them more usable. The old 600 hornets were great!

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