Silver Indian Chieftain Elite

Hi-Ho Silver Indian Chieftain Elite!

Silver is the new black at Indian Motorcycle which has released a limited edition Chieftain Elite in a hand-painted and “marbled” silver paint job.

Indian Australia says it will arrive here midyear in “limited numbers” at $47,995 ride away which is the same price as last year’s hand-painted Chieftain Elite in Fireglow Red Candy with Marble Accents.

Indian Chieftain Elite halogen - silver
2017 fire-red Indian Chieftain Elite

While the Chieftain Limited costs $36,995, the Elite adds much more than just a hand-crafted paint job.

It includes the Ride Command infotainment system with Bluetooth, navigation, 200-watt premium audio with silver speakers in the panniers, Pathfinder LED headlight, aluminium billet floorboards, leather seats, a tinted windshield, new pinnacle mirrors and smaller hand controls for improved ergonomics.

Previous limited edition Indian models have sold out quickly and stores are already taking orders.2018 Silver Indian Chieftain Elite

Fingerprint silver paint job

The $8000 premium buys a unique bike.

Production supervisor Ryan O’Connor says it’s like a “fingerprint because the hand painting and marbling makes every one different.

The painting process takes more than 25 hours at their custom paint plant in Spearfish, near Sturgis in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

They call it “Black Hills Silver” because it is inspired by the regional silver mines.2018 Silver Indian Chieftain Elite

Their paint experts mask the bodywork, lay the graphics and hand-spray each Chieftain Elite.

The marble accents are what gives the paint its fingerprint signature.

There are also colour-matched accessories including a quick release top box, hard lower fairings and a valanced front fender.2018 Silver Indian Chieftain Elite

  1. I notice that the camry’s, mercs etc that try to kill me occasionally ,are silver
    Seems to attract buyers of’ a certain age and wallet size’ not quite as ugly as the
    ‘Hi Ho silver away’ bauble covered heritage softail harley brought out

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