Helmet Halo stand for your helmet

Helmet Halo stand for your helmet

An American rider has invented a simple helmet stand which he is trying to have crowd-funded to go into mass production.

The Helmet Halo – not to be confused with the Halo Helmet – is basically a flexible but strong ring of “thermoplastic elastomer” that will support a helmet without fear of it rolling away, getting scratched or having a coffee spilt into it when it’s sitting on the cafe table.

So far the Kickstarter project has received a few hundred dollars in pledges towards its US$2500 goal to expand production with 28 days to go.Helmet Halo stand for your helmet

It looks like the Helmet Halo will cost about $20, according to the pledge formula, with free shipping within the US. There is no word of shipping to other countries.

The inventor says it will fit any size or type of helmet and can be folded up and kept in your pocket.

At present, it is only being produced in black, but they hope to be able to expand production to engine red, lime green, and deep blue.

  1. I can see what he’s going for but not really getting there.
    I like many other riders put my keys and gloves and sunnys in my helmet so turning it up to put on the flat would make all that spill out, also if you spill coffee or soft drinks on the table the neck part will get wet and you don’t want a sticky neck.
    But here’s the reason his idea fails.
    Just pop into Clark rubber or Jaycar or any place say maybe a hardware store and buy some small stick on feet (you can even get clear silicon ones) and stick them to a spot on the back of the helmet where they’ll allow it to stand up but not interfere with the flip up or cause wind noise and for five dollars at most you have something that’ll do the same job not get forgotten or laughed at and if one falls off you can replace it without having to wait on a delivery.

  2. That is all kinds of wow. Does he not realise that the helmet is flat on the bottom. And if you spill something near your helmet, then just pick up and it won’t get wet. And even if it does get wet, you deal with it.

    I will say though that it’ll be fantastic for providing your riding mates with raucous laughter when they see you pull it out of your pocket.

    Worst. Invention. Ever.

  3. I’m speechless [well almost] and just think if you
    put it on the floor you have an instant spitoon,
    or urinal .Just the thing for parties!
    Its thinking like this that made america what it
    is today.

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