Harley LiveWire battery from Exide?

Harley-Davidson Livewire

Does the Harley-Davidson LiveWire use an Exide battery?

The company has never said what sort of battery it has and hasn’t committed to producing the bike nor to a particular battery.

As far as we know, they have never formed any alliance with a battery manufacturer, preferring to opt for the latest and greatest technology.

That’s a wise move given the rapid developments in battery technology.

Harley-Davidson boss Keith Wandell
Harley-Davidson boss Keith Wandell

However, departing CEO Keith Wandell and Harley executive John Olin have now been linked with Exide Technologies, makers of lead-acid batteries and heavily involved in hybrid electric vehicle development.

The Georgia company has proposed that Keith be its chairman and John a board member, according to a bankruptcy court filing.

Keith was formerly with the auto industry at Exide competitor Johnson Controls, so his industry knowledge and savvy business acumen would be welcome.

The 65-year-old Harley CEO retires on May 1 after nearly six years and would receive a $250,000 per year retainer for his new position at Exide, while Olin would receive $125,000.

The deal could be a portent for a collaboration with Harley or maybe acknowledgement for their joint work on LiveWire.

Ok, it might be a case of putting one and one together and coming up with three, but it’s a possibility.

Harley-Davidson greenies
Riding the Harley LiveWire in LA

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