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Harley hydraulic clutch recalled again

Issues with the hydraulic clutch on current Harley-Davidson Touring models continue with a third voluntary recall issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Harley-Davidson Australia marketing manger Adam Wright says they are very proactive on safety recalls. “We take all recalls very, very seriously,” he says.

In the latest recall, 2014/2015 Touring models have been found to lose the ability for the hydraulic clutch system to disengage the clutch after being parked for an extended period.

Adam says a replacement hydraulic clutch kit is now available to be fitted on the 389 bikes affected in Australia and 31 in New Zealand. In all recalls, HD has notified all owners and repairs performed for free. 
Harley-Davidson greenies - safety recall on hydraulic clutch

Harley introduced hydraulic clutches in 2013 on all Rushmore Project Touring models except the Road King, much to the delight of riders who relished the reduced clutch effort.

However, the first recall on these models occurred a couple of months after their release in September 2013 when the hydraulic clutch system was found to lose its ability to generate enough lift to disengage.

There was a second recall a year later when it was found they could develop a tear in the primary cup (seal) of the hydraulic clutch master cylinder piston. It also affected the CVO Softail and Trike.

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