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Harley Freewheeler is a slammed Tri-Glide

Harley-Davidson is expected to release a slammed and cut-down version of its Tri-Glide trike next month, called the Freewheeler.

The internet is buzzing with spy photos of a Harley trike which I can’t reproduce here for copyright reasons, but you can easily see them if you search “Harley Freewheeler” in Google. However, the alleged Freewheeler looks more like a Fat Boy than the Ultra on which the Tri-Glide is based. What defines this trike is what is missing from the Tri-Glide. For a start the Freewheeler doesn’t have the new twin-cooled 103 engine, but retains the air-cooled unit because there are no lower fairings to hide the discrete twin radiators. There is also no windscreen, fairing or top box, only a low “trunk” or storage box.

Losing that top-end bulk should give the Freewheeler a lower centre of gravity and make it more stable.

However, Australia is unlikely to get the Freewheeler. Like the Tri-Glide, it doesn’t meet Australian Design Rules standards. That means Harley can’t import it as it is a mainstream importer. Yet small-volume importers can still import it at a higher cost and without the usual service and warranty back-ups. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? 

Anyway, Harley-Davidson Australia marketing boss Adam Wright says they haven’t given up hope of eventually importing their trikes, but it will be a long road. “We are lobbying the Government to change the legislation but it’s a slow slow process,” he says.

There certainly would be some demand for a Harley trike judging by the ever-growing numbers of custom and conversion trikes turning up at rallies these days. The ageing demographic of riders also points to a growing demand for something a little more manageable on old legs.

There is also a big market for trikes among women and shorter riders who can’t hold a big, heavy touring motorcycle.

  1. I looked at trikes and it would appear that the HD trike doesn’t pass the stability test in Oz, If you apply the brake whilst cornering it may tip over. The Boss Hoss trikes are apparently now full volume compliant in Oz as such meet all ADR requirements. They are a lot dearer but I guess a lot more trike as well 🙂 .

  2. Whilst I would like a trike with the top box and comfort for the pillion, the Freewheeler would be a grest starting point. I whish Harley Davidson Australia the best in getting all of their trikes approved for import.

    Perhaps there should be a public campaign to get some momentum happening!!

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