Harley-Davidson Street with custom accessories
Harley-Davidson Street with custom accessories

Harley-Davidson Street 500 a bargain

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 have launched in India and the indications are that the prices will be very cheap when it arrives here in early 2015.


The Street 750 starts at 4.1 lakh rupees which is $US6570. The current cheapest Harley is the Sportster Iron which sells for $8399 in the US and $14,995 (plus on-road costs) in Australia.

However, Australia will only get the learner-approved Harley-Davidson Street 500, so we should expect it to be very close to $10,000. But what’s the bet Harley-Davidson Australia moves heaven and earth to come in at under $10,000 in a bid to buy new riders? The learner segment is a lucrative part of our market and it’s a playground Harley has never played in before. They will be keen to make their mark and introduce new riders to their brand from an early age with the Street 500.

I spoke with Harley-Davidson Australia marketing manager Adam Wright at the Melbourne reveal of the bike last year and he said he was determined to get the Street 500 here as early as possible and as cheap as possible. We wish him the very best of luck.

  1. Also remember that here in Australia you can get a job in the mines before the age that most teens actually move out of home. Eg. Nowhere near as much rent, nowhere near as much money management needed. Couple of months even as a T/A on a coal minesite and you could afford the assumed $10,000 aud for a street 500.

  2. $6570 for a 750 in india and $10,000 grand here
    a sportster $8,399 in the us. here $14,995
    what a rip off,! overpriced , underpowered crap
    i can say that ,i own one.

  3. look its simple -everyone should learn to ride on a trail bike—then they know whats going to happen –then finish up with a lams road bike —question WHY do all the modern bikes have such shitty mufflers on them -there must be hundreds of stock mufflers at the secondhand shops or at the tip by now

  4. As an ex-Ridersafe instructor I am worried about the turning circle and weight distribution of this Harley. There is a world of difference between making a LAMS approved bike and making one which is actually a good bike for learners to learn on and while this will sell purely because it’s a Harley, I’m not sure it’s a good LAMS bike.

  5. It will certainly be an attractive learner bike however when I was learning to ride , no teenagers could afford to buy a new scoot , most everybody learnt on a used scoot that cost a few hundred $$$ , but with in house financing and being prepared to take out a longer term loan I suppose that is the modern landscape .

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