Harley-Davidson in Captain America


The Harley-Davidson Street 750 returns for the next instalment in the Marvel Comics movie Captain America: Civil War coming in 2016.

Harley has a joint partnership with Marvel Comics and their bikes have appeared in several movies over the past few years.

The Street 750 featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before the bike was launched, along with the Softail Breakout, Harley’s top-seller in Australia. Scarlett Johansson has also ridden the electric Livewire in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.Captain America Harley-Davidson Street 750

Now, the official trailer of Captain America: Civil War reveals a tantalising short glimpse at the one-minute mark of a modified Street 750 being ridden by actor Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky Barnes in the film.

Modifications include LED taillights, red shocks with gas reserves and possibly a Screamin’ Eagle exhaust.Captain America Harley-Davidson Street 750

While it’s not a new model, it may be a clue to a facelifted model.

After all, the olive green paint job with a big Captain America star on the tank of the new Softail Slim S points to the Breakout that Captain America rode in the previous movie.

One thought on “Harley-Davidson in Captain America

  1. In regard to this article about the Harley-Davidson being used in the Next Captain America Movie coming out next May. I agree with you that this “could be” a modified XG750 (Street 750), but as you mention: Modifications include LED taillights, red shocks with gas reserves and possibly a Screamin’ Eagle exhaust. If you look at two of the different shots of the bike (front and from birds eye view) the front fairing is a different fairing than what comes on the bike stock. And if you notice this unit has a completely different front end with dual front disk brakes, no boots on the forks, shorter front fender, and possibly beefier stanchion tubes. So I say this is yes, either a “heavily” modified Street 750, or a New model like a Street 750 Sport, or possibly a Street 1000. Tough to tell by these pictures, but the rear tire looks wider as well from stock, which would indicate a larger displacement or sport designation model. Either way, were excited. 🙂

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