Harley-Davidson XG750R
Harley-Davidson XG750R

Will Harley-Davidson produce a flat tracker?

Harley-Davidson has unveiled its new XG750R flat tracker based on the water-cooled Street 750 engine in a new frame, although it is only for racing and not production … yet.

The XG750R is the new-season model for the American AMA Pro Grand Nationals flat track competition, immortalised in the cult film On Any Sunday.

It looks a whole lot like the XR1200 production bike which was a short-lived Harley model from 2008 to 2012.

It was widely lauded by the critics as their best-handling bike, but was withdrawn from sale through a lack of customer support.

Surviving models fetch good prices on the second-hand market, particularly the twin-disc XR1200X model.

We suspect that Harley may be tempted to make a production model to compete with Victory who is threatening to produce a water-cooled sports bike based on their Project 156.

Victory Motorcycles 156 Project RSD streetfighter
Victory Motorcycles Project 156 hillclimber

The bike was developed by Roland Sands Design in LA and it is returning to have another crack at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in July, which shows their intent to make a production model at some stage.

Both would be interesting water-cooled American-made sports bikes for a new generation.

Harley says it won’t be offered for sale “at this time” which kind of leaves the door a little ajar.

However, you could understand their reticence given the troubles that Erik Buell Racing has had over the past year selling American-made sportsbikes.

Harley is rumoured to be ending the water-cooled V-Rod line this year although that seems unlikely. If they do, they will need another water-cooled motorcycle to replace them.

The Harley flat tracker is based on the Street 750 which is the bigger brother of the Street 500 learner-approved bike which has taken Australia by storm.

The Revolution X engine and special racing frame of the XG750R were developed by Vance & Hines for the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Team.

The XG750R is the first all-new flat track race bike in 44 years, replacing the venerable XR750.

No technical specifications have been released.

Interestingly, the race bike is black on one side and historic Harley racing orange on the other.

Would you like Harley to make a production version? Leave your comments below.

  1. None of the manufacturers make bikes that are interesting or different. They are all very conservative and boring. The term “Bold New Graphics” is what they use to talk about a new model.

    Why would they risk any loss on a potentially disaster of a project when they can sell the same old bike they have been making for decades, and I mean every company, not just HD. All of the tooling is paid for, all of the parts are produced, it’s a ton of profit. HD killed Buell off because it was too radical, it was kind of interesting.

    Go back to sleep motorcycle fans… you won’t be seeing this thing in a dealership… ever.

    Buy something, customize it, ride it, be happy.

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