GoPro PowerPole

GoPro pole allows all-day riding video

Now you can film your ride all day with a battery-powered GoPro pole.

GoPro PowerPoleNo need to stop and replace the battery in the GoPro as the pole not only allows you to get some great selfie riding shots, but also has batteries which keep the camera running for up to 10 hours at a time.

Californian company Polar Pro has produced the PowerPole which is an extendable pole-mount with a built-in 5400mAh battery which has more than five-times the battery power of the GoPro Hero3+ with its 1050mAh battery. It will hit the market next month from about $129.99 (about $A145) or a 24-carat gold-plated version for $4999 (about $A5500).

PowerPole is made of aluminium-alloy and weighs just 368 grams. It will extend from 43.2cm (17 inches) to 76.2cm (30 inches). It plugs into the GoPro via one of the two standard USB ports at the top and while it isn’t waterproof, it has rubber splash guards to protect the ports from rain and dust.

Check out this video of a similar pole device to see what is possible.

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