GObyLIVI smartphone technology

GObyLIVI adds phone tech to your ride

Swedish company GObyLIVI is about to go into production with products that allow the rider to use their smartphone with “a low distraction level”.

It consists of a bluetooth touchscreen (GOMINI) that attaches to your handlebar and communicates with your smartphone and a Bluetooth headset (GOHEADSET) in a special open-face GOHELMET designed to accommodate the headset.

Together they will enable alerts, traffic information, crash detection, phone calls, musical entertainment and other features.

It is yet another device designed to connect your phone with your ride.

While the project has gone to crowd-funding, it has already been fully financed by the GObyLIVI CEO.

The Kickstarter campaign is designed to raise more funds for finalising design, production and marketing with deliveries from September 2017.

The GOMINI touch screen uses LEDs that are visible even in bright sunshine. It attaches to a handlebar mount via a strong magnet on the back so you can take it off when you park your bike.

GObyLIVI smartphone technology

Touch the screen in various places and you can access different functions including GPS, music track selection and making/receiving phone calls. It even works with gloves.

While many bluetooth headsets will also perform these functions via spoken commands, they can sometimes fail and cause frustration.

Touching a “button” on a screen should be more foolproof. However, it also means more distraction, so we’re not sure why GObyLIVI says it offers a “low distraction level”.

The screen can also relay information and alerts to the GOHEADSET via a free GObyLIVI app that tracks your ride through your phone GPS.

Alerts include slippery conditions, bumpy roads, speed alerts and even reminds you it’s time to take a coffee break.

If you crash, the app will also send a message to an emergency contact that you have stored.

GObyLIVI smartphone technology
GObyLIVI app
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  1. Ditching a full face helmet to allow a distraction. To survive on a motorcycle you need all your attention on the road not on your gadget. If you don’t some car will wipe you out and say, “Sorry I didn’t see you” To which you reply with your face damaged, “I didn’t see you either”. Slippery road, bumpy road, if I need a device to tell me that, I should stick to cars.

  2. [Yawn]
    Maybe I’m just too old or something, but I’m not tempted by this product. I’m not a compulsive smartphone user so this may explain my lack of interest.
    I see the GOHELMET does not even allow you to attach a peak or a visor. I hope the microphone is very good at cancelling wind noise. If you get alerts for slippery conditions in Sweden, chances are there is snow or ice. If you are wearing an open face helmet and you need your phone to warn you about snow and ice or that you are on a dirt road, maybe bikes are not for you.

  3. Yet another poorly thought out idea!
    The moment you force people to buy a special anything to get something to work properly you say goodbye to ninety percent of your potential customers!
    Unless it has an Apple logo that is then if it works too well with non Apple products and you don’t force people to buy some special adapter or something it won’t be exclusive enough.

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