Gasoline Alley Toy Run

Santa’Tis the season to go on toy runs and we’d love to hear about yours. Please send details to [email protected] This is a free service.
Two mayors will officiate at the annual Gasoline Alley Toy Run on Sunday, December 14.
The run leaves from Salisbury Road at Limestone Park in Ipswich at 10am to the Harley-Davidson dealership at Springwood.
Gasoline Alley assistant manager Cindy Price says Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale will be sending riders off with a speech in Limestone Park and the Ipswich and Logan Police will be blocking traffic for the ride.
Logan Mayor Pam Parker will be at the dealership to greet riders and will deliver a speech with both of the charities involved, Ronald McDonald House and Salvation Army.
“Should be a spectacular day,” Cindy says.
All motorcycles are welcome to join and money and toy donations are welcomed.
Registration is open from 8am and costs $10 per rider and pillion.

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