Ford may add another driver distraction

As if there aren’t enough driver distractions in modern cars, Ford may consider adding another distraction in the form of a water drinking fountain in the front console between the driver and passenger seats.

Riders have already acknowledged driver distractions as their top concern when riding on the road.

Now they could have another distraction to worry about with drivers filling cups with clean, recycled water from their car’s air-conditioning condenser.

The idea comes from Ford engineer Doug Martin who thought the water that drips off the condenser was being wasted.

Ford may add another driver distraction
Doug Martin and his drinking fountain

So he came up with the idea of a drinking fountain he calls On-the-Go H20 and, as his prototype shows, they may put it in the front console.

At 100km/h, a driver taking their eyes off the road for a second will have travelled almost 30m.

We’re not sure how long it would take to fill a cup of water, but you can guarantee it will be several seconds during which time the driver will be distracted ensuring their cup doesn’t runneth over.

Meanwhile, they could runneth over several motorcyclists!

The good news is there are no plans yet for the inclusion of a drinking fountain.

However, if enough drivers want drinking water on the go, you can imagine Ford will supply it, especially in America where drivers already demand larger cup holders than the rest of the world.

In tests, the engineer found a car’s air conditioning system can lose 1.9 litres of water an hour from the condenser, enough to fill several cups of water.

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  1. Oh! a bit of Jack Daniels and ice would be nice.
    What about a water pipe (bubbly bubbly) oh yeah!
    A commode seat also, so no toilet stops great for kids it will be like the good old days of train travel, watch the S$$T hit the road.( As a kid travelling on trains from Cowra to Central Station in Sydney with a change of train in Lithgow before Sydney bloody cold in winter).
    Am i showing my age again.

  2. Not just a distraction, but also adding to a already well documented fatigue problem, drivers and riders alike need breaks from behind the wheel or bars.
    Adding to the already lounge like mentality already exhibited by the dumbed/numbed down driving public.

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