FOR SALE: 1976 Ducati 750SS

The Grandfather of Cafe Racer

If you plan on building a cafe-racer styled motorcycle in 2020, It’s probably going to look something like this Ducati 750ss, sans fairings. Why build one, when you don’t have to? This 1976 Ducati 750SS is an extremely rare, cafe-ready dream bike with its elegant styling and deep heritage.

This bike comes mostly original, with the only addition being the Wilcox aluminum fuel tank and new ties. The bike still comes with its original tank if this paint matched addition isn’t the one for you. The bike has the original front fairing, solo seat, clip-ons, rearsets, and triple disk brakes.

The 748cc Ducati L-twin is the mastermind behind the bike, with the five-speed original transmission aiding with enough gears to have some fun with the 63 total horsepower.

What makes this motorcycle so special? Perhaps the fact that less than 300 of these were ever produced, with zero of them reaching US shores. Of the 28,000km shown on the odometer, the seller claims to only have put on around 500 of them.

At the time of writing, this rare piece of Ducati history is currently sitting at $25,000 with 3 days left in the auction on The motorcycle is in great condition and would be a valuable addition to the arsenal of any avid Ducati collector.

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