Parking squeeze costs

Five motorcycles to squeeze into a car park

Riders will be expected to squeeze five bikes into one on-street car parking bay under a plan to free up Melbourne’s congested footpaths.

A meeting of the Future Melbourne Committee agreed unanimously agreed this week to ban free motorcycle parking on some footpaths (see list below).

They claim the loss of parking will be offset by turning 36 on-street car parking bays into free motorcycle parking for 170 to 190 bikes.

Squeeze ratio

Parking squeeze
Four bikes in one car bay

The original estimate was 151 which is just over four bikes to a car parking bay which seems reasonable as above.

However, they have now revised their estimate up to 190 which means 5.3 motorcycles and/or scooters.

If it was just scooters, that might be possible, but it hardly seems probable and could lead to bikes being scratched and damaged.

The Victorian Motorcycle Council says that’s a “tall order” and made no reference to any expert advice.

Banned footpaths

Changes to CBD parking are now expected to happen soon with “no parking” signs appearing on the footpaths affected:

  • Bourke Street between Spencer and William streets;
  • William Street between Bourke and La Trobe streets;
  • Flinders Street between Queen and Elizabeth streets;
  • Elizabeth Street between Collins and Flinders streets;
  • Collins Street between Spencer and King streets;
  • Flinders Lane between Elizabeth and Swanston streets;
  • Lt Bourke Street between Queen and Swanston streets;
  • Lt Collins Street between Queen and Elizabeth streets.Parking squeeze

Transport Portfolio Chair Councillor and motorcyclist Nicolas Frances-Gilley told the meeting that the plan would be reviewed and if not sufficient, more car parking spaces would be provided.

This map shows the car parking bays that will be turned over to motorcycles with original estimates of the number of motorcycle bays it would provide.

Parking squeezeParking assurances

He also assured the meeting that they were not “anti bike” pointing out that he rides as does the committee chair, Lord Mayor Sally Capp and her husband, Andrew Sutherland.

Melbourne Council draft transport motorcycle parking conspiracy theory transport spokesman Cr Frances Gilley
Cr Frances Gilley and his Trans Alp

The Councillor also assured there was no intention to ban free footpath parking throughout the city, but would protect the rights of the growing number of pedestrians to footpath access.

He said they may look at converting or moving bicycle hoops and other street furniture to make way for pedestrians and perhaps motorcycle parking.

Emeritus Professor of Transport Marcus Wigan told the meeting that rogue commercial scooter delivery services were parking illegally and causing congestion.

He suggested they be registered and educated about correct parking.

The Victorian Motorcycle Riders Association says the move set a “very very bad precedent” for other Victorian councils to follow suit.

“This ban is based on prejudice not fact,” says spokesman Damien Codognotto.

He says the on-street motorbike spaces “do not begin to cover the on-street and off-street motorbike parking losses while Melbourne’s 5 million population will grow to 8 million in 25 years or so”.

  1. It appears local governments want to get us, not parking your motorbike & get you on a bus/train/tram or hire one of their push bikes or rip-off scooter schemes, remember it’s all about them making money under the guise of safety & less congestion.
    Perhaps they should create more motorcycle footpath parking by removing street art/junk furniture/pushbike hire racks & just left anywhere hire scooters.
    The marked spaces in Brisbane circa 2012, were designed for very small bikes or those parked vertically on a centerstand, if bikes where on their side stand (many only have that one) as you parked down the line each bike encroached further leaning over into the next bay, by the end parking bay line, like me the centerstand couldn’t be used.
    I received a $100 fine for being outside the marking & I was only using a Vespa at the time!
    Very pinged off I assure you & have never bothered parking in Brisbane city again!

  2. This might be another blow for sales of obnoxious, loud and oversized motorbikes. What a shame…

    Is it possible to co-ordinate a day or week of action where everyone who rides into work does so early but parks in car parking bays throughout the city. It might cost a little but would cause massive problems for cage drivers. Ideally coordinated with the current tram strikes and rail strikes this would have the most impact.

    1. Motorbikes regardless of size use less parking space,fuel, create less congestion, so the car spaces allocated should allow for the varying motorcycle sizes to be parked.
      Any suggestion that larger motorcycles would not be provided for, is unfair.

  3. I believe the councillors should be required to manoeuvre a 1L+ cruiser with saddlebags out of a defined parking space with other bikes parked properly beside it. They need to see if (a) they can get on the bike in the first place with clear space to avoid the neighbouring bikes, (b) see if they can move the bike to a vertical position (required to lift the side stand without dropping the bike or (b) move the bike off the center stand, and (c) move out of the space without touching any other vehicle or falling over.

    Pretty tall order if the bikes are parked too closely together.

    1. Yes, I would like to see Gilley attempt to reverse park my Victory Cross, into one of those proposed bays – with another big-ass bagger already in said bay…..on second thoughts, bad idea. He would most likely cause an accident.

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