LeanGP home motorcycle simulator

First home motorcycle simulator coming

Motorcycle simulators are becoming more real and cheaper with one Spanish company now promising to deliver an affordable simulator for your home so you can still race on a rainy day!

Motorcycle simulators began with amusement arcade rides and a video screen in front that reacted to the way you leaned, braked and accelerated on the “motorcycle” attached to a pivoting mount.

More expensive and sophisticated simulators are now being used my manufacturers to help develop their new models.

Recently British software company rFpro signed an agreement with an unnamed motorcycle manufacturer to supply the software to evaluate and develop chassis configurations quicker and cheaper.rFpro simulator software

Dutch simulator company Cruden uses a virtual reality head-mounted display and sells their expensive unit road safety organisations, universities and race teams.

Cruden motorcycle Simulators
Cruden motorcycle simulator

And one Californian BMW dealer is using a specially mounted motorcycle and virtual reality goggles. It allows non-riders to take a bike for a spin – even a wheelie – before buying or getting their licence.

Virtual Reality online beginner simulator
BMW dealership offers virtual reality test rides

Now LeanGP of Valencia, Spain, is about to release an affordable motorcycle simulator for the home so you can pretend to be your favourite MotoGP star or extreme sports stunt rider.

As it even appears to be sitting on a lift table already, realism is further enhanced as you can better picture the moment when you will eventually get an actual ride of your own that you care for, not only simulating the experience of going on solo trips with it.

LeanGP co-founder Adria Saz Marti says the simulator has plug-and-play capability so it is ready to play right out of the box and will be fully compatible with Playstation, Xbox and PC.LeanGP motorcycle simulator

There will also be the ability for riders to race against each other over the internet.

Adria says customers will also be able to customise their simulator to their needs.

They also promise to “extend realism” with “innovative accessories”, but there is no further explanation.

However, they do say the system has return force for lateral tilt, vibration etc, which sounds like a real counter-steering experience.

There is also no word yet on price or delivery dates, but we believe an announcement is imminent.

  1. I have not actually seen any real video on it actually controlling a bike in game and the short bit that looked like he was, the bike in the game was moving before the system was??? I have built and sold my own systems since 2010 so how they can call it “First home motorcycle simulator coming” I do not know lol.
    My systems dont move yet as it is expensive and I want it for everyone and not just the few. Its a hard thing to make FEEL right, but possible.
    Last I saw on the Facebook page was a guy saying he had not got his system and not got a refund?

    I case anyone wants a system that actually works and is available worldwide. please visit my site for more info. http://iasystems.tk

    Oh and I do have lots of videos of it actually working lol:

    Hope this helps someone out


  2. Have you guys ever heard anymore about LeanGP? Backers of the project say they feel it was abandoned/haven’t heard anything. I really would love for this to become available soon. Thanks for your help and have a great day.

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