Road rage

Find out whether you have cage rage!

There aren’t many riders that can say that they’ve never experienced at least a little rage when on the road, whether it be a car pulling out on us or a driver that forgets to turn off his full beams. 

For us motorcyclists these simple annoyances can be dangerous, and can make even the calmest rider fill up with rage.

So how much of a road rager do you think you are? Take the quiz below and see how you compare.

(If you’re a Brit, you’ll also receive a £500 off Harley-Davidson voucher from the UK Jennings Motor Group for taking part!)

Brought to you by Jennings Motor Group

  1. You forgot to mention the morons who drive illegally with their fog lights and headlights switched on at the same time in clear conditions. I’m sick of being blinded by these unthinking fools.

  2. I must be getting old or some shyte! These days I just expect all that shyte and more. And I expect the authorities to do Jack Shyte about it. Cause they are to busy raising revenue, with so called “safety cameras”.

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