Ghost Rider Nicholas Cage fastest bike in the movies
Ghost Rider wins!

What are the fastest bikes in pop culture?

What are the fastest bikes in the movies, music and pop culture?

American electric bike company Evelo has produced an infographic that answers this question.

 It starts with the bicycle that Elliot and E.T. ride into the sky right up to the 3000+mph Hell Cycle from the movie Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage.

Other great movie motorcycles they mention are also some favourites of ours including the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double in Terminator 2, the Kawasaki KZ1000 ridden by Jim Goose in the seminal Mad Max and the Kwaka GPZ 900R from Top Gun.

Terminator Arnie Arnold Schwazenegger
Terminator Arnold Schwazenegger with an anniversary Fat Boy

But there are more than just Hollywood motorcycle moments. The graphic also includes Prince’s Purple Rain Honda and the chopped Triumph Bonneville from TV’s The Walking Dead.

What’s your favourite pop culture motorcycle?

Fastest pop culture bikes


  1. They left out the turbine powered HD from a very lame movie that I think the title was torque. Good stunts interesting bikes but lame movie however it was much better than bikerboyz

    1. AL: you’re thinking of the MTT Y2K jet bike, it’s not a HD, it uses a Rolls Royce turboshaft jet engine. Various sources quote various versions of the bike as between 320km/h to 370km/h.

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