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3 examples of when a rider may need legal advice

(Contributed post on legal advice for our North American readers)

Most of the time motorbike riders have no need to hire a lawyer or solicitor. They can enjoy riding their bikes without any problems.

But, every now and again things can go wrong. In some of those situations, it is wise to seek automotive legal advice from someone who has experience of dealing with bike riders and their issues. Here are a few examples of when it is likely to make sense to seek legal advice.

After an accident

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident it is not always wise to rely on your insurance company 100%. They will assist you. But you need to bear in mind that they are going to be tempted to put their interests first, rather than yours.

After an accident, it is always a good idea to have someone you can turn to for truly independent advice. A legal professional that you know, for certain, is in your corner. Someone who fully understands the position you are in and will fight for you. If you have been injured and need money to pay for rehabilitation you will be especially glad of this. A good solicitor, or lawyer, will continually chase things up for their clients to keep things moving as fast as possible. This is far less likely to happen if you are one of the hundreds of claimants that a large insurance legal department typically deals with.

After you are accused of a traffic violation you did not commit

If you are fined for a traffic violation that you know you did not commit it can make sense to seek legal advice. This is especially the case if the fine is high or the offence could lead to penalty points being added to your licence. Should this happen, getting insurance can become more difficult and expensive. Plus, of course, in time you could end up losing your licence.

After you are caught speeding or committing a similar offence

Even in situations where you know that you have done something wrong, it can still make sense to seek legal advice. For example, if you are caught speeding. This is because an experienced traffic offence barrister can help you to get a smaller fine and maybe even stop you from having points added to your licence. They can also examine your case and highlight any extenuating circumstances. Or, make it more likely that you will be able to attend a course instead of having penalty points automatically added to your licence.

Provided you heed the advice you are given, you will be able to avoid getting into a similar position in the future. To read more about the most common motorcycle crashes and how best to avoid them click here.

Most lawyers offer an initial consultation that is either free or costs very little. So, you can easily find out whether a legal professional can help you or not without having to spend too much to do so.

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