EBR Black Lightning - sad end
EBR Black Lightning

Erik Buell debuts Black Lightning

Erik Buell racing Motorcycles has borrowed the classic Black Lightning name from Vincent with their first new model release since going bust 18 months ago.

The new EBR Black Lightning motorcycle will debut tomorrow (November 18, 2016) at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show.

However, it’s not really a new model, just a blackened 1190SX that has been lowered about 25mm.

EBR claims it is designed for superior street performance, higher torque, better handling and more comfortable rider ergonomics.

“When you combine the upright seating with intense acceleration, you have the ultimate all-round superbike. It has striking looks and performance for urban riders, and yet it is comfortable for a long day of riding or sport touring,” Erik Buell says.

Black Lightning details

There are no tech specs, but the Black Lightning is powered by the 185HP 1190cc V-Twin used in both the SX and RX models, but tweaked for more torque at lower revs.

That would give it that “intense acceleration” Erik speaks about.

They say the riding position has been improved with higher bars and lower foot pegs and seat, which can be optioned with a comfort version.

The bike is due for production in the second quarter of 2017.

Over the past 18 months, the innovative brand closed their doors, shut down production, completed a lengthy business restructuring under new owners and restarted small-scale production.

In September, they unveiled their 2017 models without any changes or updates.

Erik Buell racing
Erik Buell Racing 2017 moels

New models promised

EBR boss Bill Melvin said at the time that new owners Liquid Asset Partners would produce new bikes and new dealers were coming on board.

“Our quality is continuously improving, our supplier relationships established, and now we are looking towards the future,” he said.

“This fall we have something ‘Quick, Dark, and Low’ in the works that should be exciting for urban street riders, and we are making real progress on expanding the range of models on the 1190 platform.”

That “quick, dark and low” bike is the Black Lightning.

He also said they are working on new models for 2018, including a sub-$US10k platform.

“With this new model, an improved capital structure, and additional models in development, it is an exciting time at EBR Motorcycles.” he says.

EBR Motorcycles will present a Facebook Live Presentation of the 1190 Black Lightning on Friday, November 18 at 4pm PST (11am AEDT, Saturday).

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