Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range vector
Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle claims 480km range

An Indian startup claims it can make an affordable electric motorcycle capable of 250km/h and 480km range, beating the current (pun intended) longest range record of 360km by Zero Motorcycles.

Mankame Motors is launching an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign on July 1 to take their project into prototype stage with production in 2022.

They say their EP-1 will cost from $A11,350 to $17,350 and is powered by a 18.4kWh Samsung battery and 40kW electric motor that drives via a belt to a maximum speed of 250km/h and 480km of range.Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range

That compares with the $A25,000 Zero SR ZF14.4 that is capable of a 160km top speed and 360km of range tested in the city with the addition of its expensive Power Tank ($A4800, $US2295). (Zero Motorcycles no longer imports to Australia.)

2018 Zero Motorcycles claim 360km range
Zero Motorcycles

Virtual 480km range claim

Mankame says they calculated the bike’s range in a virtual computer test in a laboratory using “real-world” riding conditions with a 70kg rider.

The test achieved an average speed of 82.5km/h, so it would also have included some high-speed runs as well as “city riding” where occasional downhill runs and regenerative braking replenishes battery charge. Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range

They also claim the bike can run at its top speed for 140km.

The result is thanks a low drag coefficient of 0.41 courtesy of its streamlined fairing and the aerodynamics of that big, ugly windscreen!

Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range

They claim the results are “95% accurate”.

Mankame’s EP-1 is expected to start at $11,350 for the base model with a 16kW AC induction motor and 12.16 kWh battery pack, achieving 320km range at 70km/h with a restricted top speed of 120km/h.

There is also a $14,000 variant with a 20kW brushless DC motor, 14.97kWh battery, 400km range and 180km/h capped top speed.

Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range
18.4kW battery

The flagship model costs $17,350 with a 18.4 kWh battery, 40kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, 360km range and 250km/h top speed.

The lightweight 180kg sports bike comes with a steel trellis frame, radial Brembo brakes, Mankame’s ABS and traction control, fully adjustable inverted Öhlins forks, and Showa or Öhlins TTX shock for an extra $US850 ($A1135).Mankame Motors EP-1 electric motorcycle with a claimed 480km range

  1. How is that drive belt going to survive when the arc of the axle to motor is so different to the axle to swing arm pivot point. Seems like a non starter to me.

  2. The windscreen does not appear to unusually big or ugly to me. Once a pair of headlights are inserted in the leading edge and a clear or tinted windscreen inserted, it would look like quite conventional in the context of numerous current sportsbikes (which all would owe some debt to the Ducati 916).

    The claim of the Coefficient of Drag is interesting.
    Car makers in the 80’s started introducing CoD into the their advertising lexicon but it didn’t catch on into bikes as much. Not that bike aero was not important, but putting numbers to the aero claims were something that tended to be bypassed in the glossy brochures and magazine tests.
    Perhaps CoD will make a resurgence in the years of range-anxiety to come.

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