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Election attracts 6 motorcycle candidates

At least six motorcycle riders are contesting the Queensland election in a response to the draconian, so-called anti-bikie laws introduced in 2103.

vlad - election
Travis Windsor at an anti-VLAD protest

Australian Motorcycle Business Chamber founder and former candidate for the federal seat of Griffith, Travis Windsor, says he is helping three independent candidates in the state poll in a special deal.

Travis says the three candidates are being aided by the Free Australia Party and the Motorcyclists Australia Party which was not able to secure the official 500 signatures in time to be declared a legal party.

He says the three candidates are therefore contesting the election as independents even though they will receive support from the party structures.

Trevor Palmer - election
Trevor Palmer and supporter
Peter Jeremijenko - election
Peter Jeremijenko

The candidates are Peter Jeremijenko who is contesting Ashgrove against Premier Campbell Newman in the seat of Ashgrove, Trevor Palmer who is running in the seat of Woodridge whose Facebook page seems to indicate he has ties with the Palmer United Party, and Jamie Evans who is  running in the seat of Lytton.

Travis says Peter is drawing “a lot of attention in his high-profile seat” and that recent polls have Jamie at 9% of the vote in his electorate.

Jamie Evans - election
Jamie Evans and supporter

Jamie enjoyed some fame when a YouTube video of him being harassed by police for an alleged 21st time went viral.

Other known motorcycle riders contesting the election to voice their dissent over the Orwellian-sounding Vicious Lawless Associates Disestablishment Act or so-called VLAD Act are independents Russell Wattie in the seat of Maryborough, Bill Sherwood in the seat of Mudgeeraba and Hamish Gray in Sandgate.

Hamish’s comments are indicative of the candidates’ stand against the incumbent government: “I’m a motorcycle rider, have a young family and am campaigning on a pro-freedom, anti-tax, anti-red tape and regulation, anti-VLAD platform.

Hamish Gray - election
Hamish Gray

“Part of what galvanised me into action was how the QPS ruined the Lions TT ride at Rathdowney and treated us all like criminals for riding motorcycles. does not endorse any candidates, but if you know of any other riders contesting the election to protest against the VLAD Act, please contact us at [email protected] and we will list them.

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