Ducati’s online Scrambler Hashtag

In a world first, Ducati will sell a new model called the Scrambler Hashtag online only, not through dealerships.

The model is quaintly called the Scrambler Hashtag and is obviously aimed at millennials who are more at home with shopping online than in dealerships.

Scrambler Hashtag will be available from February 19, but Ducati has released this teaser video.

There is no word yet about whether it will have the 400 (399cc), 800 (803cc) or 1100 (1079cc) engine and what it will look like.

However, we suspect that to appeal to younger riders it may be similar to the Scrambler Cafe Racer but be powered by the 400cc engine.

Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer joins family - hashtag
Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer

Give a Shift

Motorcycle sales are declining around the world and the industry has been doing some soul-searching to find a solution to engage millennials in motorcycling.

An American motorcycle industry group called Give a Shift recently observed that one of the main problems was traditional dealerships were too interested in selling powerful and expensive bikes.

The group found that dealership staff did not know how to deal with new customers interested in more “approachable” bikes.

The Ducati move to sell this new model online only may worry dealers as it could be the beginning of the end for traditional motorcycle dealerships.

Scrambler Hashtag

Ducati certainly produced an “approachable” bike with their Scrambler range, launched in 2015.

It has quickly become their top-selling family.

However, Ducati seems intent on finding new ways to make the Scrambler more accessible to millennials with their online Hashtag model.

The industry will no doubt be watching this experiment closely to see if it becomes the new way of selling motorcycles.

Would you buy a motorcycle online without testing it first? Leave your comments below.

  1. I also bought a Vespa 250GTS for my wife over the phone without either seeing one in the flesh or test riding it. The local dealer matched the advertised Sydney price and I simply said “please order it”. BUT – I did have 30 odd years experience with large sportbikes behind me. I don’t know how many people will buy online without actually looking at one. That’s what gets you in… look at it… sit on it… you waver.. Then the sales person starts it up… and your money is gone!

  2. There are motorcycle dealerships in Sydney that offer you to “Add to Cart” just like your grocery shopping from Woolies.

    For the record, I bought a scooter without having ridden it (or any scooter) beforehand. I felt the weight and power would not be intimidating and therefore not something I need to test out before knowing it would suit my use (i.e., short rides <10km).

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ducati anticipates the younger fashion-focused rider (specific target market) to do more short distance rides / commutes and therefore not requiring anything more powerful or touring friendly than a Scrambler.

    Seems like an alternate sales tactic for the existing target audience…

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