Ducati races chopper on air strip


We’ve seen videos of drag races before between jets and motorcycles, supercars and motorcycles, but never a motorcycle versus a chopper – vertical-lift tilt rotor aircraft, that is.

This video doesn’t really prove anything except that the rider always gets the pretty girls!

It shows an Italian AgustaWestland AW609, the world’s first civilian tiltrotor to hit the production line, against the Ducati Panigale.

It was never going to be a fair race.

AgustaWestland’s newest twin-turbine AW169 help can carry up to 10 passengers and has a maximum speed of 337km/h.

While the Panigale is no slouch, the 1200cc twin has 150kW and atop speed of 325km/h.

Close, but no cigar. However, as we pointed out, the rider always gets the girl!

  1. Funny and entertaining video! The Panigale is a great looking bike and just as a side note, I’ve heard since Audi took over Ducati not only do the bikes present impressive power and speed data, they are now also have incredibly low emissions figures!

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