Sundeep Gajjar with a Ducati Multistrada bikes
Indian photoblogger Sundeep Gajjar with a Ducati Multistrada

Ducati quashes Indian bikes rumour

It didn’t take long for Ducati to quash Indian news reports that the Italian motorcycle manufacturer was considering building bikes in the sub-continent.

Sundeep Gajjar with a Ducati Multistrada bikes
Indian photoblogger Sundeep Gajjar with a Ducati Multistrada

Several Indian news sources reported that Ducati was looking for a partner to help them build small-capacity bikes just as BMW had done with TVS to build the G 310 R and G 10 GS models for the world market.

The Indian Economic Times reported that Ducati was “open to looking at a partnership with companies such as Hero MotoCorp and Royal Enfield, though no such proposal has been made yet”.

Rumour quashed

They quoted Ducati global sales and marketing director Andrea Buzzoni: “These thoughts could become a reality in the medium to long term. In India, you have robust two-wheeler players, who have competence in terms of engineering, production capacity.”

However, Ducati quickly released the following official statement: “We would like to clarify that Ducati currently has no plans to partner with any Indian two-wheeler manufacturers and/or to build small capacity engine motorcycles in India.”

Ducati has been pushing hard into the Indian market with an 18% boost in sales to more than 580 last year, five new dealerships and the world’s largest Ducati store in New Delhi.

The largest Ducati store in the world is in New Delhi bikes
The largest Ducati store in the world is in New Delhi

However, Ducati already has a 399cc L twin in its Scrambler Sixty2 and seems concerned about reports that they would make any of their prestige brand in India. 

Asian bike boom

That hasn’t stopped or hurt Harley-Davidson which manufacturers the Street 500 and 750 in India.

Many European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers also now manufacturer or assemble bikes in India or South East Asia.

BMW G310 comic bikes
BMW G 310 R

This week BMW Group Australia boss Marc Werner said he was not concerned about the G 310 R and G 310 GS being built in India.

He says it wouldn’t dilute the brand but would be more like the 1 Series which introduced a new and younger breed to the prestige blue propellor brand.

  • Would you buy a Ducati built in India? Leave your comments below.
  1. If the quality control mechanisms are properly in place (stress properly in place) and the quality of the gear used in assembling the bikes is not compromised then I have no issue with this. NOTE however the very first word I have used 🙂

  2. The reason they are trying to hide the fact these motor cycles made in India is because Ducati want to keep their prices high. Their profit margin is much higher if the product is manufactured in a low cost country. Kawasaki manufacture in Thailand for the same reason. So much we buy is produced at third world country prices and sold to us at the highest price the market will stand.
    The Bastards are ripping us off big time.

  3. I have a Honda made in Thailand, it’s not as good as my previous Honda made in Japan. Cheaper by comparison but not as good. You get what you pay for.

  4. Nup. I am an Italiophile and a snob. My Ducati must be Italian-built. The Marque and the mystique comes from its Italian manufacture, racing heritage and history. This is what makes it special. Would you buy a Lamborghini built in India? I think not!

      1. That kind of supports the argument against Indian manufacturing of these brands. Current Range Rovers and Jaguars are unreliable over-priced lemons at the moment

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