Ducati Scrambler configurator

Ducati launches Scrambler configurator

There are so many factory accessories available for the popular Ducati Scrambler, they have designed an online configurator so you can see the accessories mounted on a prospective purchase.

Click here to get started!

You first select your country, but it’s not yet set up with prices in Australia so you can’t figure out what your dream Scrambler will actually cost you!

However, Ducati Australia says it’s coming soon.

Triumph also has a configurator to allow riders to pick and choose their accessories and see their final personalised bike on screen, then inspect the dollar damage.

Even if you can’t afford the final result at bike purchase time, you can start day-dreaming and saving.

The Scrambler configurator allows you to sort through more than 60 accessories including exhaust, protection, seats, luggage and embellishments.

When you have the final product, you can rotate the bike into 11 different positions so you can see all the additions you have made.

The configurator works with all the Scrambler models; Icon, Urban Enduro, Classic, Full Throttle, Flat Track Pro and Sixty2.

The site is also mobile friendly so you can do it on the run then show your friends.

And you can even check out the range of apparel – jackets, helmets, gloves, pants, shirts, cpas, etc – and merchandise – mugs, watches, stickers, bags, lighter, etc.

It is the ultimate time-waster for any Ducati Scrambler addict!

  1. Wow this is awful. They need to get better web developers if this is the best they can do. Go look at Triumph if you want to see how to do it properly. This is amateur hour.

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