Ducati Sixty2 Scrambler build
Claudio with Sixty2 Scrambler

Will Ducati build 300cc bikes in India?

Rumours have again surfaced that Italian manufacturer Ducati plans to build small-capacity motorcycles in India with a local manufacturer.

In February 2017, Ducati was quick to quash similar Indian news reports that the Italian motorcycle manufacturer was considering building small-capacity bikes in the sub-continent.

But the rumours have persisted and have now resurfaced on several Indian motorcycle websites.

This time they are more specific with claims it will be 300cc Monster built in partnership with India’s biggest motorcycle company, Hero MotoCorp.

There is no confirmation nor denial yet from either Ducati or Hero.

Local build

BMW G 310 R top seller build
BMW G 310 R

The Indian websites claim the deal would be similar to those done by KTM and Triumph with Bajaj of India and BMW Motorrad which makes the G 310 models in India in a deal with local company TVS.

Ducati does have big plans for India which is the world’s biggest motorcycle market.

Their sales rocketed over 20% last year and they have developed several new dealerships in India, including the world’s largest Ducati store in New Delhi.

However, they have not confirmed a 300cc Monster although it would be a good competitor to the BMW G 310 R and its TVS counterpart.

Ducati already have the small-capacity Scrambler Sixty2 with a 399cc engine, so more small-capacity bikes are not out of the question.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 flagship build
Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Expansion in India would also fit in with recent comments by new VW CEO Herbert Diess who said Ducati would either expand or be sold.

If the Italian motorcycle icon is again put up for sale by its German owners, it is believed Indian motorcycle companies would be among the top bidders.

Last year, Hero and fellow Indian company Eicher Motors were among the prospective buyers for Ducati with Eicher making the highest bid at a reported €1.8 billion.

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