Draggin Skins

Draggin Skins add style to female riders

One of the main concerns expressed By female riders is that motorcycle gear makes them look bulky. Now Australian motorcycle clothing manufacturers Draggin Jeans has added a slim pair of protective jeans that add style, femininity and fashion to your ride.

Draggin Skins look like any other fashion jeans, but underneath they have DuPont Kevlar which is the toughest material inn the world and will resist abrasion in a crash. The Melbourne-based company is the first licensee to be approved to use the DuPont Kevlar Preferred Licensee logo.


The Skins jeans were designed by Draggin Jeans general manager Fiona Mackintosh. “When I first joined Draggin I wanted jeans for myself that were comfortable, protective and importantly looked stylish while riding and in the office. I still have the first sample of Skins that were ever made and I love that the Skins remain fashionable for me to wear.”

The stylish Draggin Skins are mid-waist, flatteringly tailor-cut with a slightly wider bottom to fit over boots. The denim used is soft and stretchy for comfort while riding. The stretch fabric makes them look slim without having to squeeze into tight jeans. Skins are decorated with cute back pockets and extra belt loops and come in black or blue denim with a “hand distressed” look. They cost $249 and come in sizes 6 to 18.

Draggin Sizes                                  6       8     10     12     14     16     18
Waist Measurment (Inches)       26     28     30     32     34     36     38
Waist Measurment (cm)             66     71     76     81     86     91     96
In-Leg Measurment (Inches)      32     32     32     32     32     32     32
In-Leg Measurment (cm)            81     81     81     81     81     81     81

  1. I love the concept of Draggin jeans. I’d have at least 2 – 3 pairs IF they actually protected my knees instead of my shins. You see, I’m 5′ 2″ with a 27 inch inseam. That means that most of the knee armour actually starts at the midpoint of my kneecap and extends down to my ankle. Please – someone speak to the people in the design room to address this problem and you’d have my unwavering loyalty.

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