Domio Bluetooth helmet sound adds mic

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system

The Domio Sport Bluetooth helmet system provides music without internal speakers and messy wires, but has now added a microphone system that has no internal or boom mic.

The Canadian company launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to start production of their Domio Pro unit with the mic.

Their Facebook page says they are shipping soon (June 2019) and they contacted us to say they would send one for review, so stay tuned.

Domio Sport and Pro use micro-vibration technology to deliver sound into your helmet.

The Sport model is similar to Headwave Tag which uses “surface transduction” to transmit vibrations through the helmet. However, we tested the Headwave unit and found it awful. Click here to read our review.

Headwave Tag turns your helmet into a speaker domio
Headwave tag

At $US129 ($A175), the Domio Sport is much cheaper than the Headwave Tag ($A449), but neither has a microphone — until now.

How Domio Pro works

Domio Pro includes a wireless, noise canceling “air mic” that, like the sound unit, sticks on the outside of the helmet.

It uses “beamforming” technology which is a process that allows you to focus a WiFi signal.

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system
Air mic

In this case it also cancels out wind noise and sound vibrations coming from the helmet shell and only accepts sound from a small area right in front of your mouth.

It’s not a Bluetooth intercom unit, so if you want to talk with another rider or your pillion, you will have to call them on your phone.

You can pre-order Domio Pro now for a 35% discount on the retail price of $US199 (about $A270).

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system
Domio Pro with speaker on top and mic at the side

Given our dismal experience with Headwave Tag, we can’t recommend this unit until we have tested one.


  1. They continually move the carrot. I ordered two sets in October 2018 and STILL have not received my two units. Email responses are sporadic. Company is now totally unresponsive.

    I would implore everyone to NOT order these as you ma ugh never receive the product. I contacted the BBB but was informed there is nothing they can do as this is a crowdfunding campaign.

    It may very well be a scam. Thinking of hiring a class action attorney in case they never actually attempted to follow they on the promises of delivery .

  2. Thousends of customers are waiting for their devices. After severel delays for shipping the company actually doesnt answer any comment anymore. The founders collected about 760000 $ but theres still no information about tracking number or something else

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