Domio Bluetooth helmet sound concerns

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system

Domio Sport Bluetooth helmet system is claimed to provide music without internal speakers and messy wires. However, we have our concerns about this product and issue a warning to riders to be cautious.

The Canadian company launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to start production of their Domio Pro unit that now comes with a microphone system that has no internal or boom mic.

Their Facebook page says they are shipping in June 2019 and they contacted us to say they would send one for review.

However, it has not turned up, social media is rife with complaints about product not arriving and there is a complaint about the quality from a reader at the end of this article.

We warn riders of “Buyer Beware” with this product, as with any product.

Domio say their Sport and Pro use micro-vibration technology to deliver sound into your helmet.

The Sport model is similar to Headwave Tag which uses “surface transduction” to transmit vibrations through the helmet.

However, we tested the Headwave unit and found it awful. Click here to read our review.

Headwave Tag turns your helmet into a speaker domio
Headwave tag

At $US129 ($A175), the Domio Sport is  cheaper than the Headwave Tag ($A449), but neither has a microphone — until now.

How Domio Pro allegedly works

Domio Pro includes a wireless, noise canceling “air mic” that, like the sound unit, sticks on the outside of the helmet.

It uses “beamforming” technology which is a process that allows you to focus a WiFi signal.

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system
Air mic

In this case it also cancels out wind noise and sound vibrations coming from the helmet shell and only accepts sound from a small area right in front of your mouth.

It’s not a Bluetooth intercom unit, so if you want to talk with another rider or your pillion, you will have to call them on your phone.

You can pre-order Domio Pro now for a 35% discount on the retail price of $US199 (about $A270).

Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system
Domio Pro with speaker on top and mic at the side

Given our dismal experience with Headwave Tag, we can’t recommend this unit until we have tested one.


  1. faulty goods!
    overseas UK customer. i recieved my unit in a reasonable time but had to pay extra for tax and customs fee, £27gbp. as soon as i opened the fancy box i saw the unit was broken (case wasnt screwed together, speaker inside was rattling around, no idea if theres parts missing or anythings damaged so within 10mins of opening the box i contacted domio support, with photos) they seemed concerned and offered to send me a return label and a new unit, which i refused as i dont want to spend another custom charge.
    as soon as i mentioned “refund” ive had nothing. admittedly its only been a few days but if keep getting ignored i’ll claim under section75 against mastercard

  2. I received my order in a timely manner but was short one of them as I picked up the dual pack. I let them know and they got back to me in a reasonable time period, were good about the shipping issue and sent me the second one without a problem. I probably won’t get to try it now until spring on my bike. I was never expecting it to be as good as actual headphones but hopefully it is somewhat audible at highway speed. I guess we’ll see. As far as dealing with the company, they were good with me, no complaints about the service.

  3. Honestly this system doesn’t make any sense. At least working well in modern helmets. Helmets today are built to reduce noise. The shells are often multi layered. This audio setup won’t fly. Notice the helmets that the folks in the videos are wearing. Probably 30+ yrs old.

  4. Ordered in oct of 2018. Been nothing but disappointment after disappointment. And im out almost 300.00. Im holding out hope that someday i may get a product but for now i guess I’ll be looking for something else when i can afford it.

  5. I agree with everyone here- Stay away. Domio has consistently missed and moved deadlines, But it’s their overall refusal to communicate and address concerns with current backers, while also promoting to new customers, deleting any negative reviews on pages they have control over, etc. that bothers me. Check out the domio facebook groups not run by them if you want to find out more.

  6. Ordered in March,still no unit just email updates saying “next month” every month. I write for a newspaper and when they didn’t answer emails said I was doing an article on disappointing kickstarters, got a reply that day! That said, it was just to say ‘our bad, the unit is on its way’, here I am still empty handed. I think they probably mean well but just don’t have the balls to admit failure.

  7. I have the same issues. Ordered 2x moto pro and am still waiting. Getting bored now being Fobbed off with promises of “its coming soon, please be patient ! Getting really angry about being fleeced now.
    Have any of you tapped into their update app it’s called “Domio sports” this is the latest for the moto pro units

    UPDATE – SEPT 30TH 2019

    MOTOPRO STATUS: Confirmed with our manufacturing team, MOTOPRO units will start shipping the week of Oct 7th!
    AIM EXPO: This past weekend we were exhibiting at the AIM (American International Motorcycle) Expo in Columbus, Ohio. We got a chance to meet over 100 Kickstarter and Indie backers. Everyone who tried the unit left with a big smile on their face and (I would say) a little bit of their patience restored. We will be sharing footage from the event shortly, as well as announcing new dates/ events for Oct and Nov across North America. Thanks for coming out!

    Total rubbish as I am STILL WAITING !

  8. Just received mine. The unit is big and heavy and over 70 km/h can’t hear anything, but when you stop for gas or at the red lights it’s way too loud outside of the helmet, so everyone is staring at you. They are offering 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee on their website, so I wanted to return it after a few days, but they won’t let me and now are just ignoring my emails. It’s a nightmare to deal with them. They are deleting the bad comments off their facebook page and probably doing the same thing on their website. There is no way this product is getting 5 stars from everyone. I contacted PayPal and opened a case. Stay away from them!!!

  9. After waiting patiently forever got my Domio, after trying it in different locations on three different helmets I contacted the company and told them my experience was less the stellar, muffled one sided sound at low speed and unit could not be heard at all over 55mph so I wanted to return for a refund. Here is the crazy part, this company (with no posted phone number) has a “No questions asked warranty” advertised in large letters on their order site, after receiving my email I got no reply so after three days I sent a copy of my email to the listed officers of Domio asking for someone to contact me for my “No Questions asked warranty” return. That day I got a email from someone named Sebastian asking if I could be contacted for a discussion, I replied yes with a time and date and he agreed. 20 minutes after the arranged time I called him, he answered and started asking a bunch of questions (see no questions asked policy) after explaining that the unit was not as advertised he told me if I sent back the unit he would send me another, I told him that I would prefer a refund but he insisted we go this route first. I asked him if I experience the same outcome then what? He said let’s wait to see. After reading lots of reviews and contacts with other buyers stating that they sent the unit back for a refund and never hearing back from the company and now having no unit or refund I decided to keep my unit so I could let others hear how bad the sound quality is in person.
    Plan on offering it to anyone interested at Biketoberfest next month in Daytona. They sent me a return label so I found a rock the same size and weight (but with better sound when tapped on a helmet) back to them along with the promise to warn others about this product! Buyer Beware! If you already ordered and are unhappy read all reviews before sending it back, you will probably lose your money and the unit!

  10. I agree with the comments above. Stay away. They have collected the money through the funding campaign and have started shipping the basic Moto Units. And have now started taking sales of the same unit online and will start shipping those out as well, to continue their income stream.

    But those that opted for the Moto Pro have been told its at least another 6-8 weeks or more before those ship.

    So in other words they shipped the basic amount the could to justify the campaign, and are now garnering sales online. But those of us that were also part of the campaign are being told to wait. Again. Same thing for almost 14 months now.

    Another riding season down with still no product, and no idea when it will ship if ever. Waste of $200.

    Its a scam, stay away.

  11. They continually move the carrot. I ordered two sets in October 2018 and STILL have not received my two units. Email responses are sporadic. Company is now totally unresponsive.

    I would implore everyone to NOT order these as you ma ugh never receive the product. I contacted the BBB but was informed there is nothing they can do as this is a crowdfunding campaign.

    It may very well be a scam. Thinking of hiring a class action attorney in case they never actually attempted to follow they on the promises of delivery .

  12. Thousends of customers are waiting for their devices. After severel delays for shipping the company actually doesnt answer any comment anymore. The founders collected about 760000 $ but theres still no information about tracking number or something else

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