1. I think it’s a great idea in your menu looks fabulous if I ever ride up that way with some friends but definitely going to stop in there I think Harley-Davidson should for just leave it alone anyways you have nothing to worry about your going to win and if you need out-of-state signatures to help you on your petition just let me know I live in New Jersey and I know thousands and thousands of bikers would sign a petition Keep On Rocking

      1. If Harley-Davidson truly cared about their name and their reputation it seems to me that since it’s an iconic American built motorcycle they would quit buying parts from China. I am one pissed-off Harley-Davidson owner! I went to Harley the other day to buy a motor mount for my 2008 Electra glide classic and the part said made in China right on the box and on the part itself. What kind of BS is this. I pulled the original factory Mount off and it said made in China on it if you truly cared about your iconic motorcycle in the logo start making your damn parts in the US you sorry SOB’s! I will never buy parts from Harley again if I don’t have to and anyone riding a Harley should be appalled that their parts are made in China! My two cents worth

    1. It’s just Willie g and his bunch of punks. They can’t build a decent bike. Ruined H.D. all they got is a “logo”

  1. Maybe someone needs to remind Harley, that it wasn’t that long ago that they themselves were on the other side of TM infringement, when they printed up thousands of t shirts with the phrase “The Original Wild
    ones” trademarked by The Boozefighter Motorcycle Club, agreements were made between the two parties, and settled. Maybe HD needs to be just as reasonable understanding here, as the BFMC was with them…

  2. Kim I love the sign I’m a black Harley rider and everytime I see a Harley sign and I’m on my bike it make me feel special. So all you negative ass people that have something negative to say about the sign it is only because you didn’t thank of the sign first. You probably got a Harley Davidson sign on your garage or hanging somewhere in your home what’s the difference you hatters need Jesus in your life and help support each other in stead of bringing each other down.

  3. I myself do not ride Harley davidson motorcycle. To start going to all mom and pop businesses for painted logos I think it’s dumb and petty. All HD has to do is just go in and see how the business is run. If they see nothing of HD is being sold there then that should not be a problem. All they have to do is get a legal binding stating they can have the logo, but not sell it’s products unless giving permission. They sigh and agree and it’s done. HD should be happy that they still have supporters that stand by them and believe in their brand eventhough HD is slowly going down for crap they are struggling with. They should start paying attention to their customers first and make reliable motorcycles again. I do not knock anyone who rides HD motorcycles cause regardless we are all brothers and sisters who enjoy the road. I myself ride vulcan 1500 nomad. I may buy a Harley only if they fix their shit first. Good luck to the diner. HR

  4. I think the main issue is the location of the sign. If i was traveling through there, i might be confused. Is it a small dealership or a hd store of some type? Or is it just a bar/diner that supports the iconic brand and bikers in general. I ride a harley, i buy lots of harley brand stuff. It has become a way of life of sorts and i display my harley stuff proudly. I can see both sides to this. I mean, really, come on HD, how many thousands of establishments are using your logo to attract business from people who rally around your product? Whats wrong with that? On the flip side, that IS HDs logo, but its not like the artist is selling these signs making money from your logo. I do think that given HDs current situation, they should be focussing on finding ways to be more profitable (better advertising, for starters) and not picking a fight with their dwindling fans and supporters. Now i must go for a ride. What’s the address to this diner?

  5. Harley-Davidson,

    Really? Her letter says it all come on folks I just bought a new bike Harley let’s relax a little bit please!

    Respectfully new Harley owner


  6. Maybe harley is just embaresed to have their name up there.they should my last three were pure junk. And their electric bike what a joke $30,000 plus

  7. Put a Honda logo on the diner. Take down the HD logo and watch the customer base drop. The sign definitely helps her business. It is part of the American dream. If you create a billion dollar company and you trademark your logo and someone is using it to help their business then that’s stealing. Come on. Private homes are cool but business appeal is profiteering.

  8. Isn’t this what the fake knockoffs do? You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a PIg. You can polish a turd all day long and it’s still a TURD!! Take it down!!

  9. Here is my advice, take that sign down which was made by a private person. Then find a HD sign that’s an original HD licensed product, either on Ebay or somewhere else, then hang it up in the other ones place, throw up a few interstate signs, some other american made bike signs like Indian or Excelsior, reproduction or original, maybe an old gas sign and call it a day. Then they cant say shit. There is no law against hanging signs on your building. You see it all the time as decoration. That’s the route I would take.

    1. A business displaying a logo without authorization is in the wrong. But if you really want to hang the HD sign all you have to do is sell harley davidson products in your business. Eg. Like small licensed products with HD. Try that.

  10. To all the people saying fuck Harley. ..fuck you..if you were a business owner that spent years building your brand name and somebody tried stealing it, then just like this, you would be the first one bitching about it.
    As for them claiming “under copy write law” ,”she hasn’t made a cent off of it”..seriously? You don’t think that many of the customers that stop in don’t do so because they see the sign and assume it is a biker restraunt?
    Local painter claims he “deals with copy write laws daily” really? And he knows more than Harley Davidson”s huge legal division?

    1. Exactly right, any corporation would do the same, and sorry all you matching harley branded bandanna , leather jacket, boot, tshirt wearing “individuals” Harley Davidson is a corporation and Willie G made it so. The freedom machine died in 86 when the last shovel head was rolled out. And yes I have, so save your damn breath, I have owned them from the 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Only thing worse is Indian riders somehow thinking they own a bit of history.

    2. That diner is no more a harley davidson diner than those lame ass ford trucks with the harley davidson logo. They always boasted about their bikes made in the usa. Those trucks are no more made by bd than if some idiot went & put hd logos on a metric bike. Which doesent break down BTW. U SHUT THE FU@K UP.

  11. Sadly I think Harley is in the right here. I’ve been a sign maker for 20+ years and people are always asking to put the HD logo on things, usually personal projects (signs, Cornhole boards, etc), and we have to turn them down. Not because we don’t want to, but because HD is notorious for causing problems for people making their logo without permission. Good luck

  12. Maybe HD Co. should be more concerned with running their company instead of fighting against its customers.
    When you’re business is tanking, ANY support should be respected and welcomed.

  13. Harley Davidson doesn’t seem to mind advertising in front of my wife’s bike shop during the summer when all the customer’s harleys are parked out front while they shop . Harley also seems to like selling all their harley gear and tshirts to harley owners to advertise for them .(personally I think the gear should come with the bike considering the price of a harley)

  14. Having spent over 40 years dealing with copyright laws as a graphic designer, HD has the rights and reasons to demand cease and desist of the painted logo on the business. What the owners did, is a common mistake people and businesses make when using a graphic/symbol they love without permission from the rightful owner.

    Unfortunately, in this case, the Diner’s owner did not seek prior written permission from HD before having a sign painter/artist paint the mural, with the disclaimer “Used with permission by the Harley Davidson Corporation.” Plus some additional copy about HD not endorsing the diner, etc. I’m surprised the sign painter/artist didn’t let the diner owner know there could be a copyright issue using the HD shield and bar logo without permission from HD.

    With that said, if I were the diner’s owner, I’d paint over the mural and buy an old HD dealer sign, then hang it in the mural’s place. HD wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, it would be treated like any other “vintage” sign.

    1. Yeah I’ve been a graphic designer for about 25 years and I agree this is a very common issue. Buying an actual vintage sign is their only real option.

  15. If you flew a Harley Davidson LICENSED flag 10′ from this logo on a flagpole, no-one would bat an eye. The real issue is HD isn’t proffiting from this. No rotalties, no licensed product, nothing in it for them. Facts of the matter: This was an established business PRIOR to the application of the logo. If there is no intent of using the logo for generation of profit, then there is no violation. Now if they were selling used motorcycles and had that logo on their building that would be a definite breach. Likewise if they were selling a burger and calling it the Harley Davidson Sportster that would also be a breach. As far as I can tell this couple is doing neither. to my knowledge Harley-Davidson has no authorized restaurants and is not in tje burger business. Again no breach. Now let’s shift gears. Suppose you’re trading in in your personal owned pickup truck with a Harley-Davidson sticker on the back of it. Are you in violation of the law? You are getting money for YOUR truck with THEIR logo on it. Harley-Davidson in fact does authorize and license pickup truck branding and logos. Are you then profiting from the sale of that vehicle and in turn the Harley-Davidsons logo as you trade in your personally owned used truck which had nothing to do with Harley Davidson other than the sticker? I think most people would say no and I think you have a similar situation here. The real question comes do they generate profit using the Harley-Davidson logo and is the logo the sole reason for their profitability. That is the only question.

  16. Even if your intent is admirable, HD is only protecting it’s intellectual property. Company’s go to great lengths to protect it’s property. Try using Disney’s, Coca Cola’s , or GM’s logo without permission. Ferrari just had a suit against some clothing designer for using a car in his ad without permission.
    Would you not take action if another diner used your Miss Worester likeness on their storefront.
    I’m sure HD is not looking to hurt the small business owners, just protecting itself.

    1. A company has to protect its business and the H-D trademark is a vital part of their business.

      The Diner will run with the protest and petition and get a great boost to their business in the meantime. Maybe they could get a old junked Harley and park it permanently outside as a promotion?

      I don’t think Harley enjoy having to take small businesses to task over unauthorized use of their logo.

  17. Buy a honda so you can ride more and stop at bullshit bars less. Buy a harley sign if you support them and put it up. I’m sure the painting just looks like shit thats probably most of the issue here.

  18. I’m a 3rd generation Harley Davidson enthusiasts, rider and mechanic, that being said I will ride my Harley until I die and then be taken to my grave on a Harley Trike like I did for my Dad.
    With Harley sales on the unfortunate decline I would think Harley Davidson would appreciate the support and advertisement of Kim and Miss Worcester Diner , in-fact they could combine forces and help each other, and make it a win/win for everyone. It’s not like she is selling motorcycles under the Harley Davidson brand name.
    Good luck Kim

  19. This is definitely unwise on the part of Harley-Davidson. with the shape they are in at the moment they should be handing those out and encouraging people to put them wherever they can. To me it’s such bullshit. My vehicle has my business number and email on the side. Does that mean I can’t put a Harley-Davidson sticker in the fucking window?

  20. Harley-Davidson…. putting entrepreneurs out of business for decades.
    Sadly true, but it’s their logo and they have plenty of experience in taking people like you down.
    IMHO, I suggest you give up before it starts costing you money…. enough money to put you out of business…..

  21. They are obviously using it for profit. It’s the largest actual sign on their building just above their door. It’s Harley Davidson’s logo that’s attracting people, not a diner logo. Seems pretty obvious to me. HD has spent over a hundred years making that Trademark known and these people are profiting from it.

  22. Easy solution. Alter the sign a tad so that it doesn’t duplicate the Harley-Davison logo. See I did it right there. The change in itself would be an attraction. Let’s face it, legally, the diner is in the wrong (of course, we have seen in our public officials that the rule of law doesn’t matter). No corporate entity, Harley included, gives 2cents about their customers, only inflating the stockholders bank account. If loyalty to their customers was a concern, they wouldn’t have fled overseas. Now Harley’s just another made in China POS. Alter the logo a bit.

  23. I’ve rode Harleys for 35 plus years 2016 I sold my Harley was a piece of shit I don’t care what Harley does they got to treat their employees better it made Millions off of people wearing their products they symbol around free of charge free advertisement their junk I’ll go buy a Moto Guzzi

  24. My question: Who squealed to HD about the sign? Uh oh it’s the LOGO Gestapo!
    The tattoo issue is also interesting; would the tattoo artist and client be liable?????? Gee the pain associated with the removal of the tattoo would probably make me go buy a Honda Goldwing …;-)

  25. Looks like Harley Davidson is hurting so bad now doing anything to bring in capital their losing, Wake up Harley Davidson if you turn the general public against you, who loses then !!

  26. So if I eat there and get sick and trip in a hole in the parking lot and break my bum I can sue Harley Davidson right? That’s a lawsuit just about any lawyer would jump on? Set for life?

  27. I think if you had purchased a sign, or banner from Harley, there wouldn’t have been an issue. They make most of their money on their merchandise these days, and like others have said, they’re being petty for going after this cool little restaurant, but that’s the way these corporate bitches are. Harley is losing control of the Harley Davidson image, the new bikes are ugly, and not even 100% American anymore. Change the logo to AMF! Haha!

  28. I’ve been riding and working on Harley’s, including owning my own bike shop, for over 30 years, that be said, I’ve been trying to warn people for years that the people who run Harley Davidson are the biggest liars and scumbags in the motorcycle business, I could sit here for hours and tell stories about some of the low life maneuvers I’ve seen them pull.
    They lie through their teeth about everything under the sun, it’s just unbelievable, one of their biggest lies is everytime a new engine comes out they like to say “when our engineers designed…”, that’s lie number one, since the late 1970’s Porsche has been who they farm their engineering work out to with respect to the engines, the Evo is a product of a canceled program that started in 1976 with Porsche to design a new water cooled engine 4 cylinder engine called the Nova.
    Google “Harley Davidson Nova” to learn more about the canceled program, it was canceled but it’s what started the behind the scenes relationship between the two, the Evo, the Twin Cam, the V-Rod, and the new Milwaukee 8 are all products of the collaboration between the two.

    P.S. Harley has been having their flywheel/connecting rod assemblies fabbed in Mexico for some years now, order a stock replacement set and look at the sticker on the side of the box when you get them, right underneath the Bar and Shield logo and the barcode you’ll see “Made in Mexico” written on it.

  29. There are copyright laws in the United States. Listen, morons… Try to rename the place McDonald’s and use the copyrighted golden-arches out front. Do you think McDonalds is going to reward you with handjobs and free Big Macs? Most definitely not. It is absolutely astounding how stupid so many of my fellow Americans truly are. It’s been well-known for as long as even the oldest living Harley-owner has been alive – they are serious about copyright infringement and they never have and never will play games about it. It’s time to paint over the sign and shut your fool mouths. If it’s going to hurt your business, then your food sucks. Get over it.

    1. It does make me wonder how the business was doing before the painted logo went up….. plus don’t forget that any publicity is good publicity. This business will do fine either way.

  30. If Harley doesn’t want your support then don’t give it to them. One of the many reasons why they are going under right now. Give them want they want and take the sign down. Paint a Yamaha sign up there and let the good times roll.

  31. Western ny ( hog farm )
    That was harly coming after them…..tried to. Laim the word ” HOG ” as their name…..over reach and greed. Bad publicity for the stock holders……which will be in bankruptcy after the failed electric bike launch …..more than twice any other eb.
    After 4 years of being political they have alienated 1/2 the clients ….harly need to clean house in the upper management….perhaps some good old american bikers could lead them instead of wall street shirts. It’s the end ….buy what parts you need to enjoy you ride for the next 20 years….harly wont be here just the scam after market company to keep your bike rolling down the road. 1st hd was at 14, 44 years ago. Have seen bad managment there in the past but it far worsened in 2020

  32. First the logo looks great but get the artist to redo with his own flare / style letting Harley/motorcycle riders know you support them and Corporate HD off your ass

  33. I think H D made their point clear. And, I have to agree with them. I have been in the situation where while on a East coast visit to my sister I stopped at several Harley shops to pick up souvenirs. We spent nearly an hour looking for a place that ended up being nothing more than a mechanic shop. because he was listed as a authorized Harley mechanic he was also listed in Google as dealership. Very very friendly gentleman it was a pleasure to meet him but none the less he’s not a Harley dealership. That is Harley’s point here you are misleading the public in general. as they said put the sign inside….. ya just can’t have it facing the public on the outside of your building, plain and simple.

  34. For a failing business to come after a small business who is supporting there brand it seems to me that hardly is driving another nail in the coffin, that said hardly tried I believe to remove a name ” the hog farm ” in western ny. I cant remember the outcome ……but I can tell you it was the start of custom bike with out the harly logo, business decisions yes but in these times with a failed entry into electric bikes and stock that has plummeted to bankruptcy position I think harly should end the court battles and go back to the business at hand. Get out of china and all foriegn countries, if you can ship a bike fine….its when they got I to politics that I 1st seen this poor management of a once great American company

  35. For a company who is having a hard time selling their overpriced bikes these days. They should start worrying about how they are viewed in the public eye. I’ve ridden harleys for years and as time goes on my opinion of them is changing. The company is run by a bunch of uptight assholes maybe they would be happier if you painted over it and put up an indian logo. They need to worry about building bikes normal people can afford not just doctors and lawyers. Shit like this really starts changing public opinion of the brand

  36. Why is anyone surprised? Harley has always vigorously protected their trademarks. Someone has given this diner some bad advice, or they refused to listen. Either way the logo will come down.

  37. Paint over you sign. Buy a flag made by Harley and fly it over your building. And tell them sue me now for flying their flag that they made. What the difference.

    1. That is am Amazing idea, absolutely right , they cant do Nuuuthiinng.
      Be like telling you, you cant walk around with that Yankees or Red Sox Hat.
      They cant prejudge that its premeditated Trademark Infringement, there is a situation H-D cant say anything about. Put up a flag for every week their attorneys are breaking your Balls, LOGO FLAGS , That’s it!!!!!!!!!
      RB Fantastic Solution!!!

  38. Buy a licensed Harley Davidson sign and hang it in that exact spot. As long as the name of your diner is not Harley Davidson how are they going to oppose the purchase of their merchandise?

  39. I totally understand where H-D is coming from. This has nothing to do with how great a place you have there in Worcester, how good the food is or how nice you are; Your unauthorized use of a registered trademark is stealing!
    You are potentially making profit off the backs of others that worked very hard and want to protect what they’ve accomplished. You should know better.
    My recommendation would be to fly our national colors outside your establishment proudly and underneath display a H-D Bar & Shield flag that was legitimately purchased.
    Yes I ride and yes they are made by Harley-Davidson.

  40. This is an American brand on what was an American made bike. Now, the chrome and many parts on the bike are from outside the US, as well as their clothing, add-on parts, and helmets. Now, some of the manufacturing is moving outside the US. It’s sad to see HD not care about its American soul.

  41. Harley is in the wrong. Trademarks can not be enforced on an unrelated business. You could open Starbucks auto sales and even use their logo. No reasonable argument could be made that the coffee company is now selling cars and therefore their tradmark could not be enforced. They can send demand letters all day but they will just kill trees as these have been well tested in court. I think the should modify their menu and add the knucklehead burger and sprotster spaghetti.

  42. Harley Davidson is not anything to be proud of, they are not 100% American made and they have never been a well made motorcycle. They didn’t even start the motorcycle craze here in America. Get passed the Harley Davidson bullshit it’s for guys who need the HD crap to feel they are something they are not. Any bike you ride today gives you the same high ( if you are a real biker) anyway. So take down Harley Davidson sign and just welcome motorcycle riders in general!

  43. Albeit, Harley will win this fight. Copyright infingement is on full display, however….in my.opinion, this is the reason why Harley stock is tanking , and US sales are down 7% or so, Harley has forgotten about the demographic of people that made the brand what it is today, in lieu of that, Harley has priced their bikes and accessories way out of the reasonable blue collar range, staunchly ran down anyone using their logo or likeness, and the reality of it is, other manufacturers are making more reliable, better bikes, at better prices,

  44. I worked at Harley Davidson, York, Pa factory building bikes for 12years… What did I get for it?? I had to train someone who didn’t speak English to take my job because I was being laid off PERMANENTLY. They don’t care about their customers, the people who made them RICH AND FAMOUS,. All they care about is money. I would love to write a book about what it was REALLY like to work for them…. Any publishers who may see this, feel free to contact me….

  45. I believe that while it is likely HD may well ultimately win this particular legal battle, it’s really going to be a hollow victory for them after accounting for all the negative attention generated globally by stories such as this one. The PR department should really talk with the legal team about this, and soon.

  46. Sounds like a road trip in the making from Orange County NY ! Come on HOG owners, let pick a date on the calendar and head to Miss Worcester Diner for some grub. And of course take a photo for the memories! Hit me up on FB ‘Keith Lipsey’ and let’s ride our Harley’s to Worcester, MA.

    1. 1000%Percent ABSOLUTELY , Gotta show force and support in Numbers from Harley Owners, the NEW way is for Corporate America to harass Good People who run a legitimate establishment to take care and Feed motorcyclists and People from all walks of Life , treat them with Respect and leave there Happy with a feel good Life Experience. Shows you how Hallow and liveless these so called Trademark executives are .
      The Diner takes care of people ,not involved in a Corporate Takeover. Along With the Harley Owners, all Motorcyclists should take a trip to Kim’s Place ,show support. I’m With Kev on a date, I’m in Brooklyn N.Y.
      So gotta have Kev’s back and Great Idea of a Show of Support.

  47. I think the fix would be adding above

    We welcome all

    And below

    Fellow Harley lovers

    Or something similar. I can see both view points. If a person claimed food poisoning we all know in the sue happy world of the USA they would also file suit against Harley Davidson.

    By adding something like this they would be answering Harleys concern and making their statement more clearly.

    I do not think Harley wants to pick on small businesses or those that love them but rather protect their own ads from frivolously filed lawsuits

    1. Harley discontinued all support of the techs. that supported and kept the generations of bikes inthe road..they couldn’t afford to pay the wide variety of skilled mechanics to keep them on the road .The offering of discounts to the mechanics (Independent Shops)to keep up the rep..When they pulled the plug they pulled the plug on the men and women who rode everyday.The Logo didn’t build the company or any other business.To the person who commented fuck you..well fuck you and the Factory..not everyone can afford a 30000. Scooter and a worthless warranty.

  48. I understand both sides and the points from all. I am sorry, but if HD lets this small business use the logo then what stops and other business to do the same. With that being said, I would have to agree with Harley-Davidson and the logo needs to be changed or removed.

  49. I think by saying it’s a grau area that your admitting that you might be wrong here. Either way Harley Davidson is making multi million dollars and if there worried about the little money your business is making with or without the logo is Petty. If they can’t see that your in support of them and there bikes. Then use your platform and power to boycott them. It’s crazy they can’t understand that they’ve built a brand that millions love and feel honorable about promoting. My question is. I’d someone saw your sign and went and bought there bike because of your sign do you get money from that. How many people have your sign influenced to get a Harley? How many Harley owners eat at your shop. I think there really disrespectful and unappreciative and very unprofessional. What planet are we on you can’t like a company without being sued. You can’t support a company without being ripped off your life earnings. That’s crazy. Fuck them

    1. I think you should remove all the writing out of the bar and shield and replace it with,SAD OWNERS MOTOR CYCLES,then cover your facia with TRIUMPH BSA NORTON ARIEL BROUGH SUPERIOR ROYAL ENFIELD VINCENT VELOCETTE MATCHLESS etc etc Proper motorcycles that still are seen riding round the UK and some even in your country too. They wouldn’t mind you painting them on your diner to welcome like minded bikers,Harley , naa fuck em off , and the bikes too .

    2. I agree totally especially with the last 2 words. If anything that sign is free advertising. Harley Davidson has always been a little immature with their attitude and may be a reason why their dealerships are frequently changing owners and personnel. I don’t own one but I must say the Street Glide with the 114 was pretty impressive.

    3. If you ever took a business course you would understand that Harley-Davidson is protecting their brand period !!! We as consumers of Harley Davidson understand this. In Harley-Davidson’s defence I would be up set too. No one should profit from another person’s ideas or products. Harley Davidson is a patent brand.

    4. Totally agree!!!!! No wonder their stocks are in the tank. They should be proud that people love their product enough to put their logo up there. I don’t see them sueing people for wearing their t shirts out in public. I guess maybe if you bought a sign from a Harley store then they would get some money out of the deal and then they would be happy. Crazy that a company with that many followers decide they need to be that petty…. and yes I am a Harley owner. Would not ride anything else!!

  50. Can’t wait to see or hear the outrage when HD goes after people with the logo tatted on their body! HD won’t find a hole of shame deep enough to hide in. Total bullshit.

    1. And how would one be “profiting” from an HD tattoo on their body? Are these hookers you are talking about, and the tattoo implies that you are buying a Harley and riding a Harley when you pico one up? Seriously be real. This is the issue, that it’s a business using their logo right out front. It isn’t a tattoo on some hillbilly’s arm.

  51. Harley is going down wrong road with no common sense,This is crazy just like moving over seas plant. I have been a supported for 35 years. Thanking of buying a Indian this time .I think Harley needs to go down again because they don’t care about the real people that brought them back, just like this restaurant they don’t have a ideal how this hurts there business.

    1. Can I ask how the “overseas” plant effects you or the American consumer?? I’m just curious, because the “overseas” plant only builds bikes for Europe. Nothing from that plant comes to the United States. I’m assuming your argument will be American jobs! Which actually are scarce due to tariffs imposed on Harley Davidson as a company along with numerous American based companies like Levi’s jeans and numerous others. So my question is, “Harley loyals” are not trulyHarley loyalist if they are bad mouthing the company from trying to go from an American icon to a global god!!! Bahahaha American consumerism actually baffles me because we demand “American” made but want 3rd world country prices and then are upset when companies have to adapt to unloyal consumers who state their die hard. As for Indian. It’s an American based company that has been owned by multiple organizations. And now it’s owned by a company who receives more than half its profits from import scene majority from out of the country profits

  52. “We made you”??? You don’t think they made the motorcycles first? Bottom line is it’s a trademark breach. Try putting a McDonalds logo out the front of a random Massachusetts burger shop and see what happens. Then try saying “We made you McDonalds because we bought millions of burgers”. Won’t fly with Maccas or H-D, and rightly so.

    1. That’s a ridiculous comparison, “Like putting a McDonald’s sign in front of a random restaurant”, Harley Davidson isn’t in the restaurant business.
      Years back in the late 70’s when Harley Davidson was on the ropes it was the faithful who kept that company going, then after Harley got all high and mighty from the fad that hit in the 90’s they’ve done nothing but back stab the very kind of loyalty and pride in ownership that kept them afloat in the dark times.
      As a motorcycle shop owner and someone who’s been riding and working on Harley’s for over 30 years I can tell you from having dealings with them that they’re the biggest liars in the motorcycle business and the only reason I don’t walk around saying that I’d laugh my ass off if they went out of business is because of my concern for their employees.

    2. The diner is not selling HD burgers, HD fries, or HD anything else. The are not making money on the branding of Harley Davidson. They are showing support for a product them and their customers use. No different than me.placing a decal on my car. HD has fallen out of touch with it’s customer base and has gone back to corporate greed.

      1. Yes they are, people see the logo and support it. Thus by having that logo this dinner is probably getting more people in and returning people. So what is that, yes correct, that’s profiting! Now take this with 100’s of restaurants and other store or whatever which use this logo as a “support to the brand”. See the picture.

  53. If Harley Davidson was doing well financially…. this would not be an issue…. likewise…. maybe Harley Davidson is losing money these days for this very reason…. they are so disconnected with Normal Everyday Blue collar AMERICA…. that they are missing the simple fact that the more frequently Americans can see their logo… the more probable they will end up shopping for Harley instead of any other brand… whether it’s a motorcycle or simply clothing or accessories. This is free Advertising “STUPID….” In fact they should be happy that The Diner isn’t charging “THEM”….

  54. Fuck Harley Davidson! That’s why I sold my stock. I purchased the stock when they went public. I sold it 2 years ago because they have who knows how many models. They can’t service anything without harming the unit and tell the customer it’s their fault. They don’t stand behind their product anymore it’s all about lawyers. I haven’t been to an event in years because they promote the air of 1%.

  55. You are stealing an established logo. You cannot just use any companies logo for any purpose without a licensing agreement, which you do not have. You lose.

  56. Harley Davidson, you should allow your bar and shield to be used by anyone (with good intention) anywhere, anytime! These are tough times for any manufacturer. Support the the ones that support you, and your employees!

  57. Dam it Harley we made you and to see the sense to have someone use your logo just as it is,not for-profit it’s to HIGH LIGHT HD
    BE REAL…..

  58. Ugh! Seeing Harley take on another small business just upsets me. Here in Pittsburgh, they did the same to one of my favorite bars. They are so removed from the the majority of the people who ride. The riders and the aftermarket made the brand. And should welcome venues are still around to offer a haven. Fuck you Harley!

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