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Differences between motorcycle and car insurance

There are some big differences between driving a motorcycle and driving a car.

So insurance for your car or your bike is also very different, especially in America which has special insurance circumstances.

(This report was compiled and supplied specifically for American riders, but some of the principles may apply in your country.)

Car insurance is less expensiveInsurance motocycle differences

The cost of a motorcycle is lower than a car, but surprisingly the cost of motorcycle insurance is usually more than car insurance rates.

The reason is the comparative high risk of riding motorcycles. The accident risk for motorcycles per is twenty-seven times more than a car over the same distance travelled.

Insurance premiums also vary according to driving history, driver’s age and model of vehicle. To learn the basics of motorcycle insurance, click here.

Motorcycle insurance is not always mandatory

Strangely, there are differences between the states in the USA. Some don’t require riders to hold insurance, yet all drivers must have insurance.

Those states that allow riders to ride without a helmet are often the states that require a certain level of insurance.

Personal incurrence coverage

Unless you have an advanced coverage, you will not get personal injury coverage in a no-fault state. 

If you are driving a car and have an accident, your passengers can sue you for their injuries, so special passenger insurance is important.

Seasonal coverageWinter riding insurance differences

It is difficult obtaining seasonal coverage for your car, but some states offer motorcycle seasonal coverage because bikes can’t be ridden in their winter months.

You can still get insurance coverage for your bike for vandalism or theft while it’s being hibernated over winter.

Special about motorcycle insurance

A car driver can get compensation for any kind of injuries regardless of who is at fault.

However, there is no standard insurance for motorcyclists to compensate if the rider is at fault.

You may have to wait a long period for compensation, even after legal intervention.

Additional coverage for bike insurance

If you have a general motorcycle insurance policy, it is difficult getting added coverage for passenger liability, comprehensive coverage or layup policies.

Usually you have to pay extra for these items.

However, most American car insurance policies package these items.

Before buying any insurance it is recommended you check the authenticity of the insurance company. 

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  1. Pfft, insurance on a 15000 mile/year suzuki bandit (“race” headers claiming more than 10% power increase by manufacturer, various other minor mods), fully comprehensive about GB£100. Clean licence for over 5 years. Pillion cover. Can ride any other bike TPO.

    10000 miles/year in a £900 55bhp VW Polo, approximately £800 for third party only. Clean licence. Having bike and some bike related qualifications bought this down from £1800. Specifically not covered on any other vehicle. Insurance void if drunk, high or otherwise doing anything stupid. Not on a dreaded “black box” though.

    Car insurance is stupid in the UK because of ridiculous personal injury claims and the cartel of overpriced repairs. (On previous accident insurance company took 3 months to say “cannot make bike roadworthy for less than £2000”, in which time i’d replaced a light cluster and registration plate for under £40 and had the vehicle checked as roadworthy (and a fresh MOT) by an independent garage)

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