Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride dgr charity record year

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride strives for record year

With one week to go, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is striving to make this a record year.

Spokesman Stephen Bronholm says they have already raised money raised $US2.25m from more than 55,600 riders on 580 registered rides in 95 countries.

Last year the event raised more than $US3.5m for prostate cancer and men’s mental health issues through the Movember Foundation.

DGR spokesman Stephen Bronholm says funds raised for men’s mental health this year will double to 20% with the remainder for prostate cancer research.

The 2017 DGR target is about 70,000 riders in more than 600 cities and 95 countries, raising about $US 5 million for charity.

Registrations are still open for the DGR event next Sunday (September 24, 2017) and there is a host of incentive prizes on offer for fundraisers, including Hedon helmets, Triumph jackets, Zenith watches and more.

The top prize is a 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120 worth $17,500.

Triumph Bonneville T120 throttle sticky dgr record year charity

Riders are invited to dress “dapper” and ride their classic and vintage-styled motorcycles, or make a donation at gentlemansride.com.

Distinguished style guide

Some riders have expressed concern that they have been excluded from the DGR in past years because their bike does not fit in with the “dapper theme”.

“The theme has always been the same, as have the bike styles we believe are suitable for the event,” Stephen says.

“This includes bobbers, old school choppers, cafe’ racers, classics, modern classics, classic scooters, classic side cars, brat style, trackers and scrambler.

“he event is brand agnostic, but style specific to ensure that it maintains its unique character and personality.

“If we didn’t have the guidelines, it would simply be a group ride consisting of bikes you see during your daily commute.

“The message is strong, however many people still struggle with its point of difference.”

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride style guide
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride style guide

He says everyone is welcome to register to ride if they can source a suitably styled bike, are prepared to dress dapper and join the fundraising.

For those that don’t agree with theme of DGR they have the option of taking part and running their own charity events via Ride Sunday.

The new charity ride began this year and will be back in 2018. It is open to all rider and bike styles.

  1. The 2015 year it was suggested that my Air/oil cooled R1200R with the R32 boxer history back to 1923, was too modern, I was excluded from participating. I’ve donated money since 2015 via a Nephew on a 2015 Enfield then & now on a 2016 T120 which has a build history back to 1959.
    Prostate Cancer awareness is the most important thing followed by fundraising & dressing dapper.

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