Dangerous weaving is our top peeve


Riders are mostly critical of other riders who weave in a dangerous fashion through the traffic, giving all riders a bad name, like the young guy in this 1965 British film.

That’s the overwhelming result of our snap survey of readers about what peeves them the most about other riders.

It was triggered by another reader survey we did that showed the fourth highest peeve among motorcyclists was not cagers, trucks, caravans or police, but the bad behaviour of other riders.

Our latest survey received more than 500 votes and the top peeve was dangerous weaving at 13.6%.

It was followed by other riders not wearing the right gear (9.7%); poor riding skills (8.7%); riders dressing up like a badass outlaws, hipsters or wannabes (8.5%); and doing wheelies (8.1%) and burnouts (6.8%) in public.

We also received a lot of comments on Facebook and the article from readers about other issues that concern them:

  • Face masks around the city and bum bags;
  • stopping, especially at the crest of hill right in the middle of the road;
  • Thinking they know how to ride, that they’re the best rider and having to “teach” others how to ride; and
  • People who think theirs is the only brand to ride and have attitude because of it.

Another reader pointed out that too many riders don’t have licences and give other riders a bad name. This has been noted before in the road death statistics in Victoria where more than a third of the fatals involved stolen bikes or unlicensed riders.

However it is good to see some tolerance among riders with riding an “opposing brand” of motorcycle the least concern at 0.2%, taking too long to get their helmet and gloves on (1.4%) and riders going too slow (2.7%).

But the comment that we liked the most came from Alastair McDonald who is currently riding around Europe with his wife, Avis.

Alastair and Avis dangerous
Alastair and Avis

The constant whining about:

  • We are special
  • Cagers are all out to kill us
  • If it’s not Cagers trying to kill us it’s everyone else
  • The roads are bad
  • It’s raining (sometimes in Qld)
  • The police hate us
  • Lack of others skills but won’t do training themselves
  • Pack mentality – have to be a group to go round the block

Just get on your bike and ride – enjoy and stop whinging.

Amen, Alastair!

His comments have won him and Avis a pack of three Oxford neck socks which will be waiting for them when they return to our icy winter from sunny Europe.

Here are the full results:

1 Dangerously weaving in traffic
2 Not wearing the right gear
3 Poor riding skills
4 Dressing up like a badass outlaw, hipster or wannabe
5 Wheelies in public
6 Burnouts in public
7 Overtaking too closely
8 Not returning a wave or nod
9 Loud exhausts
10 Speeeding
11 Dangerous modifications such as too-high ape hangers
12 Not allowing riders to overtake them
13 Revving and warming up their bike too long before leaving
14 Not allowing riders to overtake them
15 Not leaving enough room for parking
16 Riding too slow
17 Taking too long to get their helmet and gloves on
18 Riding an opposing motorcycle brand/type you hate

  1. I would be interested in what quantifies, ” riders dressing up like a badass outlaws, hipsters or wannabes”
    Open face helmet? Leather vest? Old school biker boots? Face mask? Black leather, gloves, jacket, Jeans?
    Long hair, beard?
    Just asking!

    1. Like art you’ll know it when you see it.
      And if you go anywhere with a trendy reputation you’ll see a lot of it.

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