Bienville Legacy custom motorcycle

Custom motorcycle to cost $0.25m

If you have a cool $US250,000 (about $287,000) lying around and fancy something exclusive on two wheels, try the Bienville Legacy.

Only three of this wild custom bike will be built and the owners will be required to exhibit the bikes around America, as “ambassadors of fine mechanical craftsmanship and elite design”.

It is designed by J. T. Nesbitt who designed the equally confronting Confederate Wraith.

Confederate Wraith custom motorcycle
Confederate Wraith

The Bienville Legacy is powered by a transverse 1650cc Motus MV4 engine with 185 horsepower (138kW). However, it is blown with a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger taking peak power to more than 300hp (223kW).

The most innovative component is the polymer leaf spring suspension which connects the front girder forks with the rear swingarm.

Bienville Legacy custom motorcycleThe suspension is completely adjustable as is the fork trail, ride height, headlight angle and seat height. That leather seat is supported by six titanium blades that mirror the leaf spring frame.

Bienville Legacy custom motorcycle

The bike has been built thanks to wealthy entrepreneur Jim Jacoby who founded the American Design and Master Craft Initiative (ADMCi) to foster design and craftsmanship. To showcase the company, he commissioned Nebitt to build three bikes.

Bienville Legacy custom motorcycle

ADMCi plans to set three land speed records at Bonneville, then “sell” the bikes to serious collectors.


  1. Looks like an st1100 thats had a makeover by the folks at marvel comics
    I wonder if you have to dress like judge dredd before you ride it?
    How can you spend so much time effort and money and come up with something
    so ugly? The dogs shit brown seat and side covers, Styling accents?
    America, the land that taste forgot .

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