Coronavirus cops pandemic

Coronavirus cops dissuade riders

While it appears it is still legal to ride in Australia during the pandemic, Indian coronavirus cops police are donning special helmets in a “humorous” bid to dissuade people from riding.

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India has reported 1251 infections and 32 deaths so far, but with a population of 1.4 billion, the potential for rapid spread of the virus is alarming.

So Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly announced on 25 March 2020 the abrupt start of a three-week national lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The surprising announcement left millions stranded in cities where they worked, having to walk up to hundreds of kilometres to get home with no money, food or water. 

Coronavirus cops

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Indian police have responded with the above lighthearted video to encourage people to stay home and not ride.

The Siasat Daily photographed a staged presentation of Bangalore cops stopping a bike.

The coronavirus cops are wearing helmets with red and green versions of the coronavirus with spikes bearing rounded ends.

Apparently they are mainly stopping riders and other motorists not wearing a mask.

Their message is: “If you come out, I will come in.”

We can’t imagine Aussie cops doing the same thing.

Police across several states say they will use their judgement in handling people who appear to be breaching rules and recommendations.


  1. I think it is seriously counter productive to keep reminding the authorities that we can still ride. If you keep doing that, sooner or later some-spoil sport tin God with a power complex will decide we can’t, for no good reason.

    Just go quietly, very quietly, don’t talk about it!

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