Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle
Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

Cop this Electra Glide police motorcycle

If you see a big Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Sheriff police motorcycle on your daily commute, don’t panic; it’s just Sammy HarLee on his latest Harley.

Qantas customer service officer Sam Lee, 36, commutes to work every day on his new Electra Glide Police special and reckons he gets lots of stares from the surrounding traffic.

“You see their eyes open wide,” says Sam, who goes by the nickname Sammy HarLee.Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

“People take photos when I park in a shopping centre. All Harley riders like a bit of attention.”

But does he get too much attention from the police?

“I’ve been passed by the police so many times and I’ve never been pulled over, so no hassles so far. It’s totally different colours to the Queensland police bikes, so there’s no confusion.”Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

Sammy arrived here from Taiwan in 2003 and is now an Australia citizen, so like all good Aussies, he was given a nickname. He earned his from all the Harleys he’s owned.

“Throughout Asia we have a motorcycle riding culture and I’ve been riding scooters since high school,” he says.  “Everyone had a motorcycle, because the city is very busy.”

However, when he arrived in Australia, he took a bus to work and didn’t get his motorcycle licence until 2010 when he bought a scooter. 

“On day one of my full licence I bought a 2011 Sportster Iron 883,” he says. 

Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Iron 883 police motorcycle
Sammy’s first Harley, an Iron 883

“I was thinking about a Honda CBR400 but I did some research and when I saw the Iron, it just caught my eye. It looked more old school, more American.”

Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight police motorcycle
Sammy’s Forty-Eight

That only lasted a year before he traded up again, this time to a 2012 Sportster Forty-Eight.

Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Road Glide police motorcycle
Sammy’s Road Glide

A year later he skipped the Dynas and Softails and went straight for a Touring model 2013 Road Glide, trading in again a year later for a Project Rushmore 2014 Street Glide.

Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Street Glide police motorcycle
Sammy’s Street Glide

“The reason why I choose Harley-Davidson? I believe work hard deserves a better life and to ‘be extraordinary, not ordinary’ like everyone else. Every Harley owner has their different style and personality and we all believe in the old-school traditionally strong HOG relationship with the dealership.

“Also the service they provide is excellent. That’s why most owners will always return to the same dealer or salesman.”

So when the Electra Glide Police special became available at Morgan & Wacker Harley-Davidson, he returned to trade up again.Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

“Harley-Davidson Australia headquarters brought them in for the NSW and Canberra police to evaluate and when they were finished with them, they were given to dealers to sell.

“This is only one of six in Australia and could be never ever seen again.Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

“I’ve ridden 3000km so far. I ride it to work every day and on the weekends I take it on club rides.”

So, will this bike be his last?

“I always think this is my last bike, but I can’t guarantee it. Every time I see a new bike I want one.”Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle

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