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Cop in court for throwing object at rider

A NSW police officer who was charged for allegedly throwing “an object” at a motorcycle rider and causing him to crash has appeared in court for mention.

The incident occurred while the specialist command Senior Constable was performing random breath tests on Hannahs Road at Narwee, in Sydney, on Friday, November 6, 2015.

It will be alleged the officer was seen throwing an object at the rider, causing him to crash and suffer minor injuries.

He was charged with ‘intentionally throw object at vehicle / vessel – risk safety’.

The officer appeared yesterday in Bankstown Local Court and the matter was held over to September 13 in the Sutherland Local Court.

No more details such as names are available and the matter cannot be discussed as it is before the courts, but we will follow up next week.

    1. Who’s Nora Grets?
      In Australia I am pretty sure it is illegal to interfere with a moving vehicle in anyway especially shooting at it!
      It may even have been illegal to use stop sticks stingers or spike strips if the law hasn’t been changed to allow them.
      And thank the great pasta monster for that or we’d have to rename this country America!

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