Cool Triumph Scrambler for sale

The Triumph Bonneville seems to be a favourite donor bike for a custom project and this is one cool Triumph Scrambler.
Even bolting on off-the-shelf parts can turn them into very cool machines; not that they are uncool in stock form.
TeamMoto has bolted on an array of genuine and aftermarket bits and pieces to a current model Triumph Scrambler and showed it to an admiring crowd at the recent Laverda Concours in Brisbane.
Chief among the changes are the knobby Mita E09 80-20 tyres.
Together with the motocross handlebars, a bash plate and Gazi twin shocks that lift the bike and provide better clearance, the bike looks sets for some forest tracks.
I’ve ridden a Scrambler with Gazi shocks and they really do give it a plusher ride over the rocks. They are adjustable for height, rebound, compression and dampening.
However, for more serious off-roading, it might pay to relocate the rear brake caliper from under the disc to the top.
But if it’s street-smart cred you want, this Scrambler has it in abundance with a short and low Zard 2-1 low exhaust, custom side covers, Triumph performance levers, Triumph front brake reservoir, headlight grille and tail eliminator.
TeamMoto is selling the Triumph Scrambler for $18,490 with 12 months rego. Give TeamMoto marketing officer Rosie Lalonde a call on 3380 2247.

  1. Personally, I would love to get a Triumph Bonneville because I prefer to have a plusher ride. Your information that to take this particular bike off-roading, all I would need to do is adjust the location of the rear brake caliper is really interesting. It makes me wonder if I would be able to find a Triumph Bonneville and some custom parts and recreate something like the bike shown here.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Yes you can easily “scramblerise” a Bonneville.
      You would need at least dual-sport tyres, a relocation kit for the rear brake caliper, rear shocks with slightly longer springs and a bash plate.
      For light dirt-road duties that would be enough.

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