Cool air AC airconditioning motorcycles Bruce Hammond

‘Cool idea’ for handlebar airconditioning

While most riders like to expose themselves to the elements, there have always been inventors trying to make the ultimate airconditioning unit to cool riders.

The latest comes from Bruce Hammond of Hammond Brothers Motorsports, Colorado, who has invented a turbofan that blows cold air at the rider from the handlebars.

Another example of Bruce's cool AC fan (Images provided by Bruce) airconditioning
Bruce with his AC turbofan

Bruce, 35, says motorcycles are not always going fast but spend a lot of time going slow in traffic when it can get very hot.

His airconditioning unit features thermoelectric cooling that uses electricity to release cold air. It is similar to those used in wine coolers and mini fridges.

It’s a much more compact system than large compressor units that circulate liquid refrigerant.

Bruce invented his airconditioning unit after living and riding in Florida’s oppressive heat.

It took him more than four years to develop and cost him $US21,000 to secure two vital patents for his design.

So far he only has produce cumbersome-looking prototypes and has not yet gone into production.

We wish him luck.

Cool air AC air-conditioning motorcycles Bruce Hammond airconditioning
Another example of Bruce’s cool AC fan (Images provided by Bruce)

Airconditioning riders

Riding in hot conditions is not only uncomfortable but can be unsafe.

It makes riders fatigued and can lead to dangerous dehydration. Click here to find out how to beat dehydration.

These days there are plenty of passive-cooling solutions including flow-through gear, Ventz that send cooling air up your sleeve and wet vests that cool your torso.

Ventz motorcycle jacket vents airconditioning
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However, Bruce isn’t alone in trying to cool riders with the more active solution of air-conditioning.

Arizona company MiClimate unveiled their MiCli 1 personal AC unit in April 2016.

MiClimate motorcycle air conditioning conditioner airconditioning

It was expected to ship in December 2018 at $US399 (about $A540) plus shipping.

However, they tell us they have changed their business model and now we are working with a manufacturer who will take the product to market. We will keep you updated on progress.

Another personal cooling unit that concentrates on your head only is the BluSnap unit from AptEner Mechatronics in India.

They claim the add-on airconditioner unit simply straps to the front of a full-face helmet.

Again, we have not heard yet if this has come to market.

Airconditioner or full-face helmet - feher fan airconditioning
BluSnap AC

Because AC units are usually bulky, some of the “solutions” feature units that are mounted on the bike.

For example, the bulky 4.5kg BikeAir unit sits on the back seat of the bike and plugs into a special jacket that allows the cool air to flow through.

EntroSys BikeAir motorcycle air conditioner airconditioning
EntroSys BikeAir motorcycle air-conditioner

Honda has also patented a stand-alone, tank-mounted air-conditioning unit, but it has not yet hit the market.

It draws hot air through mesh openings in the sides of the tank bag and passes it over an ice pack stored underneath and a blower powered by rechargeable batteries to blow cool at the rider.

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